Ashen Eclipse

Chapter 09: Survivors

Volume 01: Start Again

Chapter 08: Assistance Needed

”Do you think we can order some food? I did not get to eat out before coming. ” The young lady beside Amelia spoke out in the silent room.

Still looking outside, the window I watched in the reflection the young lady staring at me. Seeing this I continued to watch through the glass not bothering with the words of the girl as they did not have anything to do with me.

Reaching her hands out Amelia placed her hand on the silver console that was built into the center of the table that was situated between us. After placing her hand over it a holographic screen popped up over the center of the table.

Turning to look at the screen it was my first time seeing such a thing as I had never ridden a train in my last life as all my missions were situated in Feilr.

”Order whatever you would like. ” Taking her hands away from the screen Amelia spoke out to the girl beside her.

Looking over at the young girl I saw her face change as a bright smile began to fall over it. Reaching out her hands she began to tap her small pale fingers on the screen. As I watched what the girl was ordering, I could not help but become confused as the rather petite girl was ordering a large amount of food. Page after page she continued to stack the order with different items.

”Would you like anything? ” Peeking her head around the screen the young girl looked over to me.

Surprised by the sudden question I hesitated but as I looked at the total cost of the current order, I refrained from saying anything just shaking my head to the girl.

Man, an entire gold piece worth of train food is ridiculous. Returning my vision back to the window I watched on as the train sped out of the city passing underground as we reached closer to the citys walls.

Darkness protruded in through the window as all that could be seen was the reflection of the lights illuminating the train inside the underground tunnel. After a couple of seconds of looking at the empty nature of the dark tunnel, a bright light began to overtake the tunnel as the train passed out of the city causing our once-darkened room to light up once again. This time instead of the stone buildings and streets there laid grassy hills and forests off in the distance. Something one could no longer experience in our own world.

This was the world of Ashen Eclipse. Looking out at the scenery I could not help but look on in admiration.

”Wow. ” The voice of the young girl sounded out as she saw the change in the scenery outside.

”I have never seen so much grass before even the garden my father keeps is nothing compared to this. ” Once again, the girl spoke out.

”That is the beauty of this world Ms. Norrin. Unlike our own world, this one holds unlimited possibilities for people and is the reason more than ninety-five percent of all humans from our own world now reside here due to the beauty. ” Amelia spoke out also turning her head out the window.

Hearing these words, I thought about how in a couple of years there would be a huge scandal about how some of the large corporations and governments were having a large power struggle over this worlds territory.

More and more land passed as we moved on the train speeding through the open fields. After the passing of an hour, a sudden sound came over the intercom.


* ”We have just been informed by the NPC town of Nil that there is a small beast tide of the silver level attacking them, and they are requesting assistance. We ask anyone in our general seating that is capable of fighting and that is above silver tier to make your way to the frontmost car to prepare to support the town of Nil. ” *

As this message was being played over the intercom of the train the silver door to our room suddenly slid open and standing before it was the familiar captain.

”I am sorry to bother you all, but we would like to ask for your assistance as the emergency signal we received was dire. The beast tide has already broken through the towns defenses and the only gold-tiered players in the town are mostly non-combat types. ” The captain spoke out into the room not daring to take a step inside.

As if thinking for a while I watched as Amelia looked between me and the masked man before looking back toward the captain. ”We will send one person to lead the combat team you create while I protect the train here. ” Speaking as if her words were final Amelia spoke and then once again went to look out the window.

”Thank you, maam. ” Bowing deeply the captain now looked excited.

”Who will be joining us? ” Asking this the captain looked between the young girl and the masked man as they were both wearing their diamond crests on their chests.

”Gareth will lead your lead combat team. ” Speaking out without turning to face us Amelia gave her orders.

”Yes. ” The masked man Gareth spoke out as he stood up.

Watching the masked man begin to walk out I thought of something before also standing up. ”I would like to go as well to support the city of Nil. ”

As I said these words the captain who had previously looked rather happy looked immediately toward Amelia to check to see if I could go. Seeing this I could not help but feel a bit annoyed.

”Are you sure? Beast tides are not something you go to just sight see many will not return. ” Amelia said in a cold voice.

Looking directly at the red veil where I knew her eyes were I responded, ”I am sure. ”

”Fine. What can I do to you anyways? Not like I can tie you up and keep you here with me. ” Amelia said with a rather odd tone that somehow made me feel really uncomfortable.

Feeling this, I wanted to get out of the room as soon as possible so I quickly moved over to the captain stepping out of the room.

”Good luck. ” Amelias voice came from behind me.

Not turning around, I responded, ”We will see. ”

Stepping into the hallway I overheard one last conversation inside the room.

”Gareth give him some equipment to use before he goes out, ” Amelia spoke out one last time before I watched the masked man step out of the room joining the captain and me in the hallway.

”We still need to find others to join us. ” The captain said as she turned to lead us down the hallway.

Nodding our heads, the masked man and I followed behind the captain to the next silver door. A little way down the hallway was the next door and as the captain was about to input the code for the door it suddenly slid open.

Standing in front of the door were three people of different races who had gold crests on their chests. As they stepped out of the room an Alerian woman spoke out, ”No need to ask we will join you, captain. ” The blue-skinned Alerian woman spoke out to the captain before the door.

”Thank you all. We have one more room to visit so you can follow behind us. ” Nodding her head, the captain continued forward down the hallway clearing the doorway for the three to exit and join the masked man and myself.

Now scanning over the masked man and I the three people who were about to exit the room froze staring at the both of us with wide eyes. Bowing their heads to us they allowed us to follow the captain first before they filed in behind us.

From behind us, I could hear them whispering to each other, ”Did you see that a diamond-tiered player? I have never seen one before. This beast tide will be easy with such a player here. ”

”Shht. Keep your voice down you are too loud, and don you see that the diamond player is taking care of a seedling how much can they possibly do for us while having to take care of that rich kid. ” The two voices spoke out directly after each other whispering behind the masked man and myself.

I have yet to earn any money in this life and already people are calling me a rich kid. How annoying. Rather annoyed I just stayed quiet and followed after the captain.

As we reached the end of the long hallway, we came to the final silver door. Tapping onto the keypad the door slid open and once it came open a series of rather erotic sounds began to come out of it.

”Uhhh. Yes, baby. ” The mild moaning of a young woman escaped the inside of the room and as I was only able to examine only the side profile of the captains face, I could tell whatever was happening inside the room was not pretty as her face distorted in disgust.

”Oh, yeah just like that. ” The voice of an older man sounded out.

”AH! Honey the door! ” The young womans voice now screamed out as shifting and scrapping could be heard from inside the room.

Not bothering to look inside the room I just stayed posted beside the keypad outside in the hallway with the others as only the captain stood in the doorway.

”What are you doing? This is my room how dare you come in here. ” The voice of the old man came out from inside the room.

”Sir, we are just putting together a team and we are asking all the private cars to come and aid the situation you must have heard over the intercom that a beast tide is attacking a town. ” The captain spoke out as she looked away from the inside of the room.


These words caused the captain to take two steps backward in shock. After she did that, she looked at the rest of our group who could obviously hear the man inside the room. Seeing the captains look of disappointment, I patted her shoulder.

”Yes? ” The captain looked at me a little annoyed as she knew I was merely a beginner player due to my dreadful clothes.

”Let me talk to him. ” This was all I said as I stared at the captain in anticipation.

If she declines then well, I offered. Not feeling too bad about either outcome I just spoke out as I did not really appreciate the words of the old-sounding man about NPCs.

As if thinking over my words the captain seemed to not have much hope for me as she slid out of the way as if silently approving of me going in. Seeing this I nodded and then stepped forward.

Now seeing the inside of the room, I could see an angry naked old man who was standing before the wooden table with everything hanging out for me to examine.

Those are some rather small saggy balls. No wonder the captain had such a look on her face. Looking over at the old man I could not help but chuckle to myself at the sight.

Looking over to the other side of the room there laid a young woman who was covering herself with a large blue robe.

As I examined the inside of the room the old man who was previously screaming in a rage caught sight of me and began to scream as well, ”WHO THE FUCK AR… ” Before he could finish his words, I spoke out cutting him off.

”Section 11d-4378. This section states that in case of the emergence of a beast tide of silver category or above that all capable players of equivalent rank must aid in their respective aid quests if issued by any government affiliated official of the residing territory. Failure to comply will result in the imprisonment of the player and the stripping of any titles. ” Stating these words to the old man I merely stood in place leaning against the doorframe.

”Ah sir, no need for that right? I was just kidding of course I will come and help. ” The old man became very polite as he addressed me.

”I will be waiting, ” I responded coldly then walked out of the room without looking back.

”Ye…yes. ” From over my shoulder, I could hear the old man respond then the sounds of scurrying could be heard around the room.

”Ah don take it then I will be naked! ” The voice of the young lady called out.

”SHUT UP! ” The voice of the old man shouted out.

As I stepped out of the room the others who were waiting in the hallway all looked at me at the same time.

Seeing this I spoke out, ”As you heard he will be coming so let us get ready to head out. ” Soon after stating these words the old man came out of the room already dressed joining us back down the hallway.

”Okay now that everyone is here, we will head to the front of the train to wait for our arrival at the point nearest to the town. Once there everyone who can fight will also exit the train and as an assault group, we will retake the city. ” The captain spoke out to the group and then began looking between each of us making sure we understood.

As we all nodded our heads the captain lead us back down the hallway to the front of the train where we waited near the frontmost door in the seating area. As I arrived at the door, I entered the train and looked out the small glass window, and what I saw reminded me that this world may be a land of opportunities but was also a place of death.

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