I was really distraught because I was suddenly thrown into this world without knowing left from right, but your voice made me feel relieved somehow.
Thank you.」

「W-Wonderful? Y-You’re even thanking me!?」

Blue’s face turned an even deeper shade of red as she stuttered.

She was acting like an ordinary young girl, and it was a charming sight.
Kou thought it was unfortunate that even a young girl like her needed to fight in brutal battles in this world.

「That show’s pretty good, right? I had Blue do it sometimes for fun, but it’s gotten rave reviews.」

Jenny laughed unreservedly in amusement.

「So it was your idea huh, Jenny-san.
I think it’s wonderful.
Radio personalities huh? Actually, I think it would be great if Jenny-san participates in the show next time as well.」

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「That’s a great idea.
Jenny should join me as well.」

「I’m not exactly a prim and proper lady, so I’m definitely not suited for that.」

「It’s better to have two radio personalities with different styles you know.」

Kou remembered the times he spent listening to late-night radio shows.

The back and forth between the hosts were certainly interesting, he thought.
But he wanted no part in those corny in-jokes that only the hosts themselves could understand.

「Then it’s settled.
You really are a good guy, Kou.」

「Aren’t you two getting a little bit too chummy?」

Jenny narrowed her eyes in suspicion.

「Is it fine for you not to attend the party even though you’re their captain?」

「It’s because a certain samurai boy might end up disappearing the moment we’re not looking, so I prioritized coming here instead.
Do you really not want to join us? The number of your kills is amazing, but you don’t have an ID yet, so the rewards for your kills will end up going to us instead, you know?」

「I’m no samurai.
Anyway, just treat it as my thanks for being in your care.
Go ahead and take them.」

「But the reward for bringing down an Enyo isn’t small you know? It’s not your average sum, that’s for sure.」

「I really am grateful for the invitation.
But I have something I have to accomplish.」

「And once you’re done with that?」

「I haven’t thought about what I’d do next yet.
But, yeah… I do think it would be better if I joined Metal Iris instead of acting as a lone mercenary.
Am I being too selfish?」

「Of course, not! I’m absolutely fine with that!」

Jenny smiled broadly.
She looked truly happy after hearing Kou’s words.

She held his hand firmly and shook it with gusto.

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「I’ll be waiting.」


Kou was overwhelmed by her enthusiasm.
He hadn’t experienced such a thing in the past.

And it wasn’t a bad feeling at all.
In fact, he truly felt happy that he’s being welcomed like this.

「I’ll also be waiting for you.」

Blue muttered softly with her usual deadpan tone.
She didn’t outwardly look as enthusiastic as Jenny, but Kou felt the feelings behind her words.
Right now, Kou could tell at least that much.

「Thank you.」

「I’ll send both our contact details to your Silhouette later.
Call us once you’re back.」

「Mine too?」

Blue asked Jenny in a slightly confused tone.

「You don’t want to?」

Jenny gave her a teasing look.
Blue cutely shook her head left and right to show that wasn’t the case.

「Then it’s settled.
The maintenance and repairs on your machine should be finished soon.
I prepared some food rations for you, so go ahead and take them before you head out.」

「Thanks for everything.
Really, thank you.」

「I’ll formally register you as well, so I’ll take some biometric info for your ID.
Once you’re registered in the Association, you’ll be able to properly earn rewards for the Murders you destroy.
My members won’t take your credit, so don’t worry.」

I’ll register before I head out.」

Kou was finally going to have an ID issued in this world.

Perhaps, with this, he was finally going to become a proper resident of this world.
That was what he thought.

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