just use Astraea solely to strengthen Unit 5.
Or you can just leave it sitting here and pretend that all this didn’t happen.
It’s up to you.」

「This facility is humanity’s…… No, it’s a legacy of the Super AI that transferred the human race to this place, right?」

「I’m glad that you’re quick on the uptake.」

「What do you really wish for, Master?」

「I have two things I wish to happen if possible.
One is the continued progress of Silhouettes.
The other is the spread of technology.
I hope that Silhouette technology will continue to progress in your hands.
According to Astraea’s forecast, humanity will be completely overwhelmed by the Stones in less than 50 years.」

「And why did you hand it to a total noob like me?」

「Even if the Stones are defeated, the technology and weapons that spread out in order to fight them will ultimately lead to new conflicts arising.
That is a heavy responsibility.
Since ancient times, the development and spread of weapons have always invited conflict.
This will not change, no matter the era.」

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Kou was stunned to silence.

And then, he let out a sigh.
He already had an idea somehow.
Yes, the reality was that humans haven’t changed, even in the far future.

「There might be others like you.
The other Development Engineers might already be working toward similar goals as we speak.
Hence, you can just do as you like.」

Kou went silent again and called out to Astraea after a few moments.

「I see.
Astraea, I want to extend Master’s life.
What should I do to make that happen?」

『Master is a considerably old Familiar.
The biological parts of ‘her’ brain are reaching their operational limits, and it would not be strange for her to deactivate at any moment.
Please think of your plan in this way.
What you wish to do is akin to extending a person’s life while disregarding the immense agony that person will have to constantly endure as she continues to live.
Do you still wish to extend Master’s life despite that?』


He wasn’t aware that was the case.
Kou couldn’t help but gently stroke Master’s back as she laid on top of his lap.
She squinted her eyes in comfort.

「You see, I was always searching for someone to inherit this facility.
But I didn’t get any opportunity to get in contact with any suitable Development Engineer.
I was planning on quietly waiting for my deactivation in that scrapyard.
But I was blessed enough to encounter you before I stopped completely.」

「But I have no idea what I should do.」

「There are Therianthropes and other Familiars sleeping in this facility as well.
I’m sure they will do their very best to support you.」

「But I want you to continue looking after me yourself, Master.」

I see.
So this is what it feels like to have a child become quite attached to you huh.」

「Yeah, just call it whatever you want.

Kou cried out sulkily.
He was acting more and more like a big baby.

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Master couldn’t help but softly smile.

「I see.
–I may be deactivating soon, but please take care of my daughter.
Then I will truly have no regrets.
I suppose this is another wish of mine as well.」


She is the daughter who will inherit my memories, feelings, and experiences.
I’m sure she will support you together with everyone as well.
So it’s not like I will be disappearing completely.」

「……I see.」

「I’m happy that there is someone who feels sorrow for my sake.
For a pet such as me, this is a wonderful blessing.」

「Don’t be happy about something like that……」

I’m sorry.
But I really am at my limit.
Even I am surprised that I was able to hold on until now.
In truth, I should have deactivated in that junkyard.」

「Did Asia wake you up and lent you a hand so you could help me as well……?」

「It’s quite possible.」

「Thank you, Master.」

「You’re very welcome.」

Without Master, Kou felt that he wouldn’t have survived.

Kou didn’t want to acknowledge that he was about to part from Master for good.

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