Aimer responded glumly.
The coming operation can even be described as a decisive battle for the future of the planet.

「Kou really hates the idea of us going out to the frontlines.」

Unlike Nyanta and Aki, Aimer was capable of piloting a Silhouette.

But Kou would definitely never allow her to pilot one.

「At least Voy managed to convince him to let him deploy as well nyaa.
He just argued it was a man’s job to fight on a battlefield or something along those lines.」

「But because Kou hasn’t developed any armed vehicles pilotable by Familiars yet, it looks like Voy isn’t gonna be able to fight in battle anyway.」

「Actually, he managed to convince Kou to let him bring out ‘that’ thing they developed on a whim nyaa.」

Aki smiled bitterly.
She was truly grateful that Kou takes good care of them and treasures them, but it didn’t sit well with her to just watch as the person himself faces all the danger on his own.

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「All we can do is to keep upgrading Kou’s weapons.
I’m gonna place my heart and soul into each individual round.
I’m gonna do my absolute best.
I swear on my pride as a Wildcat.」

Nyanta was a Therianthrope who specialized in customizing ballistic firearms – commonly known as a Wildcat.
She was also responsible for handloading ammo.
She adjusts the maximum number of rounds and rate of fire according to the objective.

It was a profession that was created to adjust standard ballistic firearms depending on mission objectives but was regarded as largely unnecessary in the past.

A long time ago, she was in the same boat as the gunsmith Aki.
However, she still held great pride in her profession.

It was frustrating for her to be unable to enter the battlefield with Kou.
So all she can do was to take the guns Aki creates and optimize them as much as possible for Kou’s use.

All to keep that close combat idiot safe whenever he had no choice but to engage in a firefight.

She will put all of her effort and feelings into her work to help him as much as possible through the only means available to her.

Kou’s figure was displayed on the monitor in front of her.
He was performing maintenance on his Silhouette together with Voy.

「I’ll let you go as wild as possible, neesan.
I’ll always reinforce the barrel of my guns to the limit so feel free to do what you do best.」

「Kou’s a bit clumsy so he can’t handle multiple different weapons.
So I’ve raised the accuracy of each round to the limit while not sacrificing power.
I’ve reduced the caliber of the bullets a bit in order to do that.」

「You both did your best, Nyanta, Aki.
The rest is Master and my job.」

Aimer, who was staring fixedly at the monitor as well, softly muttered with conviction.

Kou finished performing the final checks on Unit 5 together with Voy.

There were three key differences from before it was upgraded.
The damaged head had been repaired, and it was equipped with a large thruster pack to increase speed and mobility.
The great sword was stored via a sword rack on the back of the machine.

It was also equipped with additional armor that was designed not to impair mobility and range of motion.
Seen from the side, it looked very much like a medieval knight or armored warrior.

It also now sported large shields with auxiliary thrusters on both shoulders that were equipped in consideration of engaging in close combat while in the waki-gamae stance.
They really made it look more like an armored samurai in medieval times.

And it was also equipped with a new weapon, which was a large rifle-shaped two-handed 90 mm cannon.
It was classified as a large caliber battle rifle with an emphasis on range.
The number of rounds it can carry was 20.

It was possible to fire it with one hand, but it was basically a weapon a Silhouette held with both hands to shoot.

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Voy explained the details to Kou further.
If it was downscaled to a size that a human could wield, it could be likened to a 12.7 mm assault rifle.
Kou didn’t know, but that was a large-caliber rifle that could be said to be excessive for use in anti-personnel combat.

「Aki created the base model and it was modified to equip Wildcat cartridges made by Nyanta.
Both the bullets and the gun barrel are extra special.
Aren’t you gonna name it, Kou?」

「Let’s see… How about AK2? I think it’s a good name.」

「What’s it mean?」

「Uh, it’s kinda a combination of Aki and Nyanta’s names.
Err, AKNyan?」

「That’s one weird pun, man……」

「Yeah, it is, isn’t it?」

「Well, I think those two would be happy though.
It’s decided then.
This rifle will be named the AK2.」

Voy entered the rifle’s new name designation on his terminal.

「The only thing left is to wait for my chance to shine in the limelight huh.」

「I really don’t wanna deploy that weird weapon if I can help it though……」

Kou actually created just one new weapon himself for the coming operation.

The only problem was that it was too chuuni-ish.
The moment he finished making the darn weapon, he suddenly felt afraid and ashamed of his own idea.

He tried to seal it away in a dark corner forever, but he was found midway by Voy, and in the end, he was forced to bring it with them on the hangar carrier.

「The enemy’s defenses are quite tough.
As long as we can’t prepare a decent combat engineer squad, there’s nothing wrong with having that on hand, right?」

「I understand.
If we can’t break through via frontal assault, I’ll be counting on you.」

「You got it.」

The questionable weapon was currently parked quietly behind Unit 5.

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