peared to have four tank treads.
It must have been hard to support it with just two.

The technology present in the Nemesis system and the reinforcement of roads by Whis made the ridiculous concept of super-heavy tanks very much possible.

「The caliber of their gun didn’t exceed my expectation.
The interval between bombardments is about two minutes.
Its output is very much lacking.
It’s practically a weapon that’s all flash and no substance.
A paper mache.」

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Rick proceeded to analyze the enemy machine calmly.
It sported a 155 mm medium caliber gun used by carriers during the Interplanetary War era, but super-heavy tanks should be able to carry even larger guns.

The problems probably lay in the shells and the energy required to fire the railgun.
With a gun larger than what was equipped, the required energy would be exceedingly high.
Rick judged that they opted for a lower caliber in order to increase the number of shells the tank was capable of firing in succession.

Hence, the role of such a large and heavy tank was to serve as an armed wall.
Its designer probably placed emphasis on its ability to fight for a prolonged period.

「If the contents within are tightly packed, then you can’t exactly call it a paper mache, can you?」

「Maybe they’re not as packed as you’re expecting.
It might just be serving as a shield for their Silhouettes.」

「I get you.
So the bombardment they launched earlier was just to check us huh.」

「Yes, that should be the case.
Don’t you dare fly into the air Jenny.
You’ll just end up as free real estate for that thing’s railgun.」

「I know.
We have no choice but to gradually close in.
It’s pretty tough since we lack experience regarding launching an assault compared to defending against one.」

「Storm Hound is on the same boat.」

Mercenaries were usually employed to protect Fortress Areas and Defense Domes.
Underground Forces with experience in actively launching assaults against enemies were few and far between.

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「First, let’s focus on closing the distance.
Although they just intend to restrain us, it’s not interesting at all to be unilaterally on the receiving end of a bombardment.
The enemy defense force is an armored unit composed of tanks centered on a super-heavy combat tank.
They also have Silhouettes as their escorts.
Murders will probably deploy later on to intercept us.」

「Focus on destroying those Murders.
Leave the Silhouettes to us.」

「You guys of Metal Iris and our support vehicles will rout their escorts and break through their defense net.」

Even with the appearance of an unexpected enemy, the two quickly managed to modify their plans.

The Keres that would be stalling for time were already coming over.

「Multiple insect-type Murders sighted.
A great number of Keres confirmed, as well as thirty ant-types, and one mantis-type! They’ve entered combat range.」

The tense voice of the operator riding in a comms vehicle was broadcast to the rest of the combined force.

「A swarm of ants and mantises has appeared.
Tank corps, forward! Support vehicles, make way!」

At Rick’s command, their battle against the Keres began in earnest.

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