ll authority over a manufacturing facility, he’d work for any power.

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He’s known under many monikers, but the most famous one is Bombardment Lord.
It was given to him by a Japanese Development Engineer.

「That impractically big and dull thing? The best it can do is to serve as a wall for the Silhouettes to take cover behind, right?」

So you’ve noticed.
I haven’t managed to tune the tank treads to my liking you see.
I can’t mount a better main gun as a result.
Perhaps it would be better if I used four legs instead?」

Bardo immediately spat out that he didn’t even want to think about driving such a freak show of a tank.

「If you’re gonna go that far, then how about trying to combine four legs and tank treads?」

Even though the words were meant to mock him, Alberto’s face instantly lit up when he heard them.

「Ooh, that’s a great idea! I’m gonna work on the design right away.
Please don’t let this control center fall into enemy hands, you two.」

「It’s our job.」

Installing treads on all four legs huh…… I should devise a mechanism to fix the legs onto the ground when it fires……」

Alberto rambled on as he moved to another room.

「What the heck is that old man doing here anyway?」

「He said he wanted the live combat data of the super-heavy tank.」

He’s just a nuisance though.」

Bardo didn’t hesitate to call the Development Engineer a nuisance.

Only those kinds of men were fit for the title of a mad scientist.
They were only interested in the things they develop and nothing else.

「By the way, there’s something I want you to hear, captain.」

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「What is it?」

「A TSW-R1 has been spotted within the enemy ranks.」

Bardo’s expression hardened.

「You sure?」

「You instructed that I notify you at once if this machine was present.
It’s just as I reported.」

「Is it really that Takaba?」

There was only one man that was on Bardo’s mind whenever he utters the surname Takaba.
It was the surname of a legendary mercenary.

He was the founder of the transferee-led company TAKABA and a firm and masterful practitioner of the way of the sword.
He was also praised as one of the very best Silhouette pilots.

「That I don’t know.」

「Let’s prepare to sortie as well.
There’s a high chance the enemy has a Development Engineer among them.
It’s possible that their goal is that sealed area.」

「Roger that.
But the enemy is clearly aiming for this control center and not the sealed area.
I can’t imagine that a force of that magnitude is merely a diversion.」


The sealed area.
It was the main reason why their Underground Force was in the Fortress Area.

It was an area that the Stones had ordered them to strictly protect.

Even they didn’t know what was inside that area.

「I’m heading to the sealed area.
I’ve been told that Development Engineers weren’t allowed to get inside that area, and I’m the only one who was given access.
You guys move out to intercept the enemy battalion.」

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「We’re allowed to blow up that entire section if it becomes necessary, right?」

「That’s right.
Even if this control center isn’t taken, once that sealed area is compromised, we’re to blow up the entire Fortress Area and abandon it.」

I’ll do something about those enemies even without you, captain.」

「Miles, you’re better at commanding the troops than I am.
I’ll leave them to you.」

「That’s not true.
That’s an amusing joke, captain.」

Bardo was charismatic in a sense.

There are many Underground Forces whose morale gets lowered once they come under the Stones that can be said to be humanity’s enemy.

However, he raises the morale of those under him using various ways.

It’s said that he was the one who pushed for the opening of commercial and entertainment facilities within the X463 Fortress Area.

「It would be great if it really is Takaba.」

Bardo muttered under his breath as he headed out.

He was said to have worked under the Stones for money, but that was just a pretext.

What he wished for was to fight it out with humans.
To battle them as they rode tanks and Silhouettes.

Bardo was a Silhouette pilot.
And he had always remained undefeated.
That is until he faced his first loss against Takaba Hyoue.

That man’s sword attacks were done without any wasted movement.
His piloting didn’t expose even the tiniest of gaps.
His positioning was incredibly precise.
He was a genius whose abilities had all reached frightening levels.

He wanted to win against that man.

Bardo desperately suppressed the throbbing of his chest that was caused by being excited at the prospect of having a rematch with Takaba Hyoue.

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