for multiple purposes.
The pressure within the barrel was adjusted by electric power.

The hammer bunker was equipped on the right arm of Marl’s Silhouette.
Its left arm was equipped with a high-frequency electric heat-type vibration cutter for work use.
Marl resumed conducting the repairs once everything was set up.

「Enemy attack!」

The tense voice of a rabbit-type Familiar rang out from the communications vehicle.

「At a time like this!?」

Three enemy Silhouettes were fast approaching their position.
They made sure to always keep alert, but in the end, the enemy still had the advantage of knowing the terrain better.
They eventually made their way to the rear line.

They were likely aiming for eliminating the repair and supply units.

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Marl became flustered.
There was too little time to intercept the enemies even if she persisted in completing the repairs.

Flack was hurriedly trying to equip a rifle, but he had absolutely no combat experience.

Marl resolved to try and hit the enemies with her hammer and raised its output to maximum.

It was never meant to be used in combat, and if used to hit an enemy, it could, at most, break a Silhouette’s arm.

However, two allied Silhouettes suddenly stood before Marl and the rest.

One was the machine of Metal Iris’s Blue.
The other was Unit 5, the personal machine of Kou, their client for this operation.

「Continue the repairs!」


Marl decided to trust in their client, Kou.

For Marl and the others, Sending Roger back into the fray as soon as possible would let them contribute more to the combat effort compared to them taking up arms themselves.

The deformed armor wouldn’t budge.
Marl used the hammer to pry the slightly loose parts of the armor sheet even looser.

Once she’d pried it enough, she set the hammer’s output to the max and knocked the armor sheet down.

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She then repeatedly knocked the distorted frame with the hammer.
The distortion of some of the grooved portions for inserting parts underwent plastic deformation so they couldn’t be repaired, but the minor distortions of the rest of the frame could be set back to some extent.

The distorted grooves were then forcibly removed with the high-frequency cutter.
In the meantime, it just needed to be able to equip armor again.
It would need to undergo full-scale repair at a workshop later on to replace all the damaged parts.

It was repair work that was possible because the subject was made of metal.

This method couldn’t be used if the armor was made of ceramic material.
Ceramic materials were said to have a Hugoniot elastic limit up to ten times that of steel, but they had the troublesome propensity to crack easily, and hence, were quite fragile.
They were very easy to break.
Nanoceramic material had the same tendency even though they’re used to synthesize rather tough composite materials.

「Next, we just have to forcibly slap some armor back on.
Flack, hand me some armor components!」

「Here you go, Ma-chan!」

Marl’s younger brother, who had just finished replacing the tank’s magazine, was already standing by at the side with some armor components.
He was her prided younger brother after all.
He was very competent in his job.

It was difficult to fit the armor replacement on the frame, but she just forcibly pushed it in using her hammer.

Flack then sprayed glowing restoration material at the repaired portion.
It was a quick-acting emergency repair thermal spray.

「You’re fine now, Roger-san!」

「Thank you, Marl-chan!」

The fox-type Familiar Roger expressed his thanks.

It was fast and efficient repair work that was done in just ten minutes since he got towed over to the rear line.

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