r a Titan deity.」

I’m not sure why the super AI of a high-dimensional supercomputer actually made the OS for escape pods and humanoid work machines designed to function in extreme environments, but…… the theory that it loved humanity to a somewhat excessive extent is widely accepted.」

「I wonder if this means humanity is going to have to fight against the Olympian gods at the end of it all.」

「Titanomachy? I don’t really think the Stones can be proper analogs to the Olympian gods, but they certainly have their arrogance down pat, don’t they? They basically stopped being humans after all.」

It was a tasteless joke.
Blue let out an empty laugh, but she recomposed herself fairly quickly.

「I wonder what Astraea wants Kou to accomplish.」

「It’s probably increasing humanity’s strength by spreading weapons technology.」

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Jenny gave an answer immediately.

「I’m sure Astraea is plenty dissatisfied at the state of the present era.
After all, humanity, which she was supposed to protect, is being pushed around by its enemies because of the severe lack of suitable equipment.
So it’s actually related to her reason for existence as well.」

「So that auction was actually due to her? You’re saying Astraea guided Kou to take such an action?」

「That’s what I think.
Picture it this way.
The auction was meant to release patented technology to the public.
That means even latecomers would be able to get their hands on them eventually.
Don’t you think something that impartial is a bit impractical?」

「I see.
If we were in Kou’s place, then limiting the technology distribution to a certain extent would allow us to amass a lot of benefits……」

「That’s it.
Of course, Kou is so good-natured that he might have thought of sharing the technology and giving an equal opportunity to everyone anyway.」

「Maybe Astraea found it convenient that Kou was such a person.」

「A lot of things make sense now, don’t they? If Astraea is really the one behind Kou, then I feel like I somehow understand his actions now.」

The two of them felt that they couldn’t hope to imagine just how an AI that looks after humanity actually thought.

Jenny herself was feeling quite overwhelmed by the discussion already.

「For Astraea, the Stones are clearly enemies.
After all, they seek to restrain human will itself.
They are the enemy of all intelligent life on the Nemesis warfront, and now, the balance between good and evil has clearly tipped.
And evil is prevailing.」

「The Stones are evil? No.
I’m sorry, but I beg to differ, Jenny.
They aren’t necessarily evil.
They merely made a different kind of choice.」

「They are the embodiment of malice.
Absolute evil.
Just why do we have to be killed by those freaks who quit being human? Those unfeeling monsters.
I take back my earlier statement about Astraea being a demon.
The scales are in Kou-kun’s hands already.
And what is needed now is the sword of judgment.」

Afterward, Jenny showed Blue a big smile.

「Hey, let’s become Astraea and Kou-kun’s sword of judgment, Blue.」

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「We of Metal Iris and Storm Hound will gather under Kou’s banner.
And it’s not just a temporary alliance.
We are planning on becoming a single Underground Force.」

「Just when did you plan for such a thing!? And I don’t think Kou would just agree to it either.」

「So I’m asking you to help out, okay?」

「Please don’t act cute with me.
Uu…… Why are you always charging ahead into things so recklessly like this? Honestly, you and Kou make for a good combination, Jenny.
Truly birds of a feather.」

Blue’s brows wrinkled in worry.

「Aww, don’t think so hard about it.
Let’s just have fun with everyone! Alright?」

「Well, it certainly does sound fun.」

「There you go.
I’m counting on you when we meet up with Kou later, okay? He might come to meet us immediately once he gets back to the base.
It feels like he has something to discuss with us as well.
And even if he doesn’t come now, he’ll meet up with us again after one to two months.
We’ll settle it at that time.」

「So it looks like you really are selling us off huh.」

I really think this is the best course of action for us though.」

Jenny’s smiling face turned grim for the briefest of moments as she muttered under her breath.

「–And with this, I’ll be able to fight it out with those Stones to my heart’s content.」

Blue gazed at Jenny with a pained look in her eyes.

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