e and fell to the ground.

Because it was moving by using the rollers on the soles of its feet, its balance was unstable.
This was ultimately Kou’s blunder.

Twelve shots have been fired.
The Mantis-type’s railgun entered its charging phase once more.


The cockpit’s impact mitigation was extremely excellent.
Unit 5’s pilot was practically unharmed.

As Kou began steadying himself, something caught his eye.

It was a severely damaged skull in the middle of a dried dark-red puddle on the ground.
Some pieces of flesh still stubbornly clung onto it.

It was probably one of the people killed the day Kou found himself in this place.
It was extremely trivial to kill people with the autocannon that possesses enough power to destroy armored vehicles.

The battered skull seemed to be crying out in despair and resentment.
Kou also felt a sense of mortification.

After all, the person was killed so unreasonably, without even being given a chance.

Kou trembled in shock.

He then remembered his days spent practicing swordsmanship.

He remembered how he used his veranda’s glass window in place of a full-body mirror while swinging his sword single-mindedly.

It was a discipline that can be used for killing, but he didn’t practice it for such a reason.

He merely wanted to eliminate all his wasted movements.
His only enemy was himself.

However, there was an enemy in front of him now.

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And he had obtained a way to fight it.

「I understand.」

He addressed the unknown corpse.

He only knew it was likely once a living Japanese person as well.
However, he was still going to take revenge for the injustice the unknown person suffered.
It was a promise.

All this happened in mere moments, and the recovery maneuver he performed was quick and resolute.

One of the Mantis-type’s deadly sickles swung downward to slice Unit 5 as it attempted to get up.

Its two sickles were part of what made the Mantis-type an extremely fearsome and deadly enemy.

It was essentially a multi-legged tank that could fight in extremely close range.

This disgusting demon sported these sickles in anticipation of engaging in combat against Silhouettes.

It definitely was a mid-boss class enemy.

It was both an anti-Silhouette and anti-personnel murder machine.

Unit 5 managed to get up in time and successfully avoided the sickle that got swung down.

「Mind your position, Kou.
Positioning is extremely crucial in any battle.」

「Yeah! I gotta let that thing have it!」

Kou felt the back of his head get cold.
It was probably the sensory support function kicking in.

「There must be something I can do… That’s it!」

Although he hardly practiced it, Kou remembered a certain stance.

The waki-gamae stance.
The stance involved bringing out one’s left shoulder and dropping one’s waist.
And then, one would hide the entire length of the sword behind one’s own body.

This stance was originally developed for people wearing full armor.
With it, one can gradually close in on one’s enemy while making them wary of sudden foot sweeps while wearing armor that restricted mobility.
It was a stance suitable for performing counters.

It was perfect for an armored Silhouette.
Kou was suddenly hit by inspiration in the heat of battle and immediately put it to practice.

The enemy swung down its other sickle.

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He performed an upward slash at the perfect timing and made Unit 5 retreat half a step afterward.

The speed of the Mantis-type’s attack backfired on it.
Its right arm ended up completely severed.

Kou pressed on.
He split the Mantis-type’s head in half and unleashed a second and third slash.
Low grating clangs rang out, and the head got completely destroyed.

The enemy still managed to attack with its remaining left arm, but it was already too late.

Kou was already right at its bosom.

The Mantis-type hurriedly performed a ramming attack in response.

Due to the effects of high-dimensional projection armor, a Silhouette’s punches and kicks were comparably more effective than long-range attacks.

Kou was already wary of the Mantis-type’s massive bulk and weight.
Unit 5 quickly took half a step back and avoided the attack.

Kou proceeded to slip through the enemy’s remaining left sickle and went around to its left-hand side.
With this, the Mantis-type’s movements were finally sealed.

Granted this was something that couldn’t be pulled off seamlessly when fighting with a human.

The key to mobile combat was positioning.
Kou had clearly managed to experience it first-hand during this battle.

And then, he proceeded to unleash slash after slash.

「With this, it’s over!」

The enemy’s torso was about to be split.

A perfectly timed final slash was performed.

And the Mantis-type was finally cut down.

Its upper body completely stopped functioning.
It probably lost connection with its power reactor the moment it was severed at the waist.

However, it didn’t explode.

「That was splendid, Kou!」

「Thanks, Master.」

「Allow me to congratulate you once more.
Welcome to the Nemesis warfront.
I am truly glad that you managed to survive.」

The cat declared in a solemn tone.

Kou was almost brought to tears.

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