you, but there are certainly many Japanese among them.」

「I see.
Yeah, I bet a good number of them are Japanese.」

「I’m sure you’ll encounter all sorts of machines from now on.
Can you promise me you’ll take good care of them?」

「I promise.」

I wasn’t that good with socializing.

I preferred tinkering with my car alone or driving around on my bike.

「Thank you! Well, time’s almost up, so I’ll cast a charm to help you out before I go.」

「Time? A charm?」

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「Wait a bit, okay.
All done.」

「Just what did you do anyway?」

「I’ve given you authorization.
From now on, you are granted the qualification to be a【Development Engineer/Bricoleur】.」

The girl looked quite proud.
She closed her eyes, placed her hands on her hips, and thrust her chest out as she declared with great fanfare.

I was entirely unfamiliar with the term.


「They are people who gather various things together to make lots of interesting stuff.
You can also call them do-it-yourselfers or hobbyists.
In English, I suppose ‘handyman’ would be the right term.」

「So it’s qualifications to become a handyman huh.
That actually does sound nice.」

And I’ve granted you the highest authorization level.
And if what I’ve granted you proves useful… Once you become stronger, I have a favor to ask……」

「A favor?」

Someday, please save me.
–No, I’ll be fine with getting found, so please do find me, okay?」


「It’s gonna be really, really hard you know?」

「When I was at a loss after first encountering that Keres, it was you who called out to me, right?」


「I’m not sure how hard ‘really, really hard’ is gonna be, but I’ll do my best.」

「Thank you.
That answer is all I could ever hope for!」

My consciousness began to become hazy once again.

「We’ll get a chance to meet again in the future! I’ll be seeing you then, Kou.
Just ask Master about where you need to go next.」

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Before long, Kou managed to regain consciousness.

「Was that really a dream?」

「What’s wrong, Kou?」

「So you were also asleep, Master.」

「I suppose it’s due to me nearing the end of my operational limit.
There’s actually no need for me to sleep, but I lost my consciousness for some reason.」

「It’s too early to be thinking about that, Master.」

Kou would be really troubled if Master passed away at this time.

「I’ll be able to move normally again soon.」

「I actually had a strange dream.
It seemed like a vivid dream, and a girl named Ashia appeared in it.
She helped me out before I met you, Master.」

「You met Ashia? Directly? I learned about you arriving from her, but to think a human can actually meet with her directly.」

Master’s round eyes became even more round.
Russian Blues had fox-like features, so Master with its eyes rounded in wonder seemed even cuter than usual.

「So I guess you know her.
She apparently gave me the qualifications to become a handyman.」


「I think the original term was Development Engineer (Bricoleur) or something.
She said she’d given me the highest authorization level, whatever that means.
And she told me to ask Master about the next destination.」

「……I see.
I understand.
It seems our next destination has been decided.
Let’s pack some supplies and depart from here by today.」

Master apparently received information about their next objective.

「It looks like we need to hurry huh.
And you’re gonna tell me you’ll explain everything later, as usual, I suppose.」

「Oh, on the contrary, we have plenty of time to talk.
We’ll be spending quite a while riding a Silhouette after all.」

Kou nodded at Master’s words.

He still didn’t understand a lot of things, but it was good that they had a definite goal for now.

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