”Where am I? ” When I came around after my vision was engulfed by blinding white lights, I was in an unknown place surrounded by strangers who were also panicking, like me.

Though I wasn able to clearly grasp the reason why we were all together within just a moment, as a writer, I have a lot of experiences or should I say knowledge about what kind of situation we currently at.

There were two logical conclusion I have. The first one would be we were summoned in another world as heroes to protect the world against its enemies. The second one would be more scary that the first one, which we were summoned in an unfamiliar world to kill each other until one person survived.

Though it was the kind of plot that I usually wrote, it didn mean that I wanted it to happen to me. I clenched my shaking hands together, fear ran rampant on my veins, striking me with an unfamiliar yet familiar emotion.

Just as an author who barely meets his needs, the fear coursing through my blood and veins was a familiar feeling when I didn meet my self appointed quota, while also unfamiliar because though I fear it, I also welcome its embrace for it would signal my end as an author. In short, I was just a third rate author who wished to succeed but wasn good enough to land a contract.

Looking back at the last thing I remember, all I was doing was staring blankly at the monitor of my computer, with an opened blank worksheet trying to write my next chapter. As I was dazed, I clicked the pop out message that appeared right in front of me not even reading it. As I was too preoccupied, instead of closing it, I clicked the accept button, then blinding light engulfed me.

”Where are we? ”

”Are we in a hidden camera prank? ”

”I want to go home, mommy! ”

”I will sue you if you don take me back home! ”

The usual plot came. The panicked citizens showed different reactions but with the same panicked stricken face. Students cried, while adults tried to stay calm despite them feeling the suffocating atmosphere that was pervading the current location we were in.

Taking control of my emotions and incessant trembling, I walked to the nearest wall and touched it. The language on the wall was different from Earth. Just like I concluded, we were summoned by mysterious power that was why the passing of time and the distance was nothing but magical and mysterious.

The only thing unknown was the reason why. Telling others might have made them more fearful so I kept it inside me. But by looking at some university kids who were in uniform, they might have an inkling of what was happening right now.

Not giving us enough time to stabilize our moods, the person behind our summoning showed itself.

Bathed in resplendent light an angel who looked like a Goddess in stories slowly descended from a pathway of light coming from above our head, totally ignoring the roof like it was never there from the start. Truly unscientific yet wonderful.

[Welcome heroes that came from another world. Thank you heroes for answering our call in order to save the world from its doom.]

”What? Who are you?! ” a fat middle-aged man who was clearly drunk spat at the angel-like Goddess. But instead of rage, it only continued to tell us its monologue just a damn robot doing only its job not caring for our questions.

[As heroes are made, not born, you will undergo a tutorial in determining ones potential and talent. I hope that everyone here will make it out alive, sadly we aren omnipotent, we could only pray for your safety, nothing else.]

Pray… it was quite laughable when you looked at it calmly. People prayed for Gods benevolence and blessing, yet the Gods themselves from this world wanted to pray. Then who will hear and grant their wishes? The story itself has its plot holes already showing, what will come next would be more questionable and laughable as the one who truly created this world was nothing as amateur… just like me.

I created a lot of novels with all of it having just passed the introduction of the main character. I never, even once, made it into the climax. It was all introductory. It wasn because I lacked imagination, nor the will to write. No, it was actually the opposite.

As I have a lot of pent up frustrations of not being it perfect in my eyes, I restart, and restart, and restart, again and again until I couldn no more. The will to improve the next story gets the best of me.

It was to the point that I forgot how to proceed to the next part. It was all just the beginning. Readers sometimes called me the Author of Unparalleled Beginning. It was because my first few chapters will hook you. Though it didn have anything next. The readers still wait until I have the will to continue it.

Though as time passed by, the readers left me because I never continued my work even once. Nobody knew it, but I wanted to continue my unfinished stories, but due to unlimited plots that kept pouring into me, I stumbled doing the next part, only for it to be great in creating a new story.

[You will be given enough time to familiarize yourself with your talent, future potential, innate abilities, and attributes to fend the incoming monsters for this tutorial. I really hope that everyone will be

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