It was supposed to be just an ordinary day for me. It all started when the weather forecast station that I always watched before going to work was wrong in predicting the weather on that particular day.

The rain suddenly poured down when I was almost at my workplace. Due to the rain, I arrived at our company drenched like a chick.

When I thought it would only get better after that, another unfortunate event happened. Our team leader scolded us for passing the wrong report to our superior, losing us a client.

As time passed by, the feeling of uneasiness slowly kicked in. The anxiety I thought I had healed from came back knocking at my table telling me its time.

Just before my anxiety attack overwhelmed me, blinding light engulfed me. As it was blinding, I closed my eyes until the light faded away.

When I collected my bearing, I was already in an unknown place with a dimly lit room. Torches on the wall was the only source of light. Screams of people flooded the room.

Soon, the people calmed down inspecting the room we were in. I wasn different from them. Forgetting that I almost had an anxiety attack, I slowly circled the room where we were locked in.

It was big enough for hundreds of us to fit in with a lot of spaces in between. It was a square-shaped room with round edges. When we opened our eyes, we were at the center of the room.

Slowly others also inspected the room, although they were scared, I could see the resoluteness hidden within. Just as I was going back to the center.

A blinding light coming from above descended on us making me feel like it was a deja vu. Opening my eyes after the light wasn blinding anymore, a lot of people took a mouthful of breaths in chorus.

But when I also looked at the angel in front of me, I also couldn help but take a mouthful of breath on how breath taking the view was.

Blonde hair, elegant white dress that clung on her curves and chests, the angel looked at us solemnly and slowly opened her mouth.

[Welcome heroes that came from another world. Thank you heroes for answering our call in order to save the world from its doom.]

Heroes? Call? When did it happen? I couldn remember? Was it when my anxiety attack almost relapse?

[As heroes are made, not born, you will undergo a tutorial in determining ones potential and talent. I hope that everyone here will make it out alive, sadly we aren omnipotent, we could only pray for your safety, nothing else.]

Tutorial? Potential? Talent? What in the world is this? Are we being tested if we could be employed? But why call us heroes? Wait… make it out alive… we will die if we fail?

How could this be? Did I die? Did my anxiety attack relapse and due to not having a memory after it, did something happen? No… that can be. Although I have anxiety attacks before, I could still remember what happened that time. Then…

[You will be given enough time to familiarize yourself with your talent, future potential, innate abilities, and attributes to fend the incoming monsters for this tutorial. I really hope that everyone will be safe.]

”Don joke with us! Do you think this is funny? ” someone shouted who was at the crowd

[Your life is at stake… Now, good luck heroes.]

”Status Window! ”

Just like others, the first thing I did was call my status window to check my talents and potential.

Name: Kevin

Age: 28

Level: 1

Tendency: Careful Wallflower

Class: None

Title: None

Character Stats:

Strength: 14 (Common)

Stamina: 11 (Common)

Agility: 21 (Uncommon)

Endurance: 10 (Common)

Intelligence: 9 (Common)

Mana: 13 (Common)

Luck: 21 (Uncommon)

Innate Skills:

Wallflower of a Party(SS+)

– Just like a wallflower in a party, everyone will naturally ignore you. (Passive)

Other Skills:

Mask of Indifference (D+)

– An active skill that will make you indifferent while making your presence known for a short period of time.

My skills were quite ridiculous. Though I could survive, no one will ever know I actually existed.

After some time, the door burst open and a large number of green skinned monsters appeared with weapons in their hands.

”Arm yourselves! ”

”Those who were able, get weapons at the back! ”

Snapping me of my thoughts, I hurriedly went on the table and fetched a short sword. It was light yet sturdy. It has an attack of 10 and was durable enough. At least thats what I thought.

Time slowly passed by, the green monsters or what others call them goblins weren getting tired as fast as we were.

The fighters at the front were slowly showing openings. While I try to kill them the goblins without them noticing. Tried, I really tried but their thick skin was too hard. The sword wasn sharp enough to kill them. All I could do was stab them in the eyes. Though my efforts bought the fighters some time to counter attack, the conclusion was still clear, we were on the losing side.

We could only injure the goblins while we were slowly losing some people. It was actually 30 against 20 from the start. Now, we
e only 20. Ten already died from their hands. Some tried to escape while we were fighting but the goblins didn let them.

Before they could reach the door, they died in the hands of the goblins.

When all hope was lost, a young man, slowly walked towards the goblins flank.

The goblins slowly backed away. With the young mans every step, the goblins stepped back. Like a cornered beast, the goblin growled at the young man, yet the young man looked at them calmly.

The young man stopped and said while looking at the Goblins.

”Hm, I almost forgot the most important part of the tutorial. ”

The Goblins clenched their weapons ready to lunge at the young man. Now, the Goblins were once again near the door like it was a lie.

”The keywords were everyone, alive, omnipotent. The more people were left alive, the greater the reward. The more I kill the greater the reward I get. I guess I was so absorbed in my own safety zone that I forgot that it was already a different world. ”

The young man slowly turned his head towards us. ”Hey can you throw some sword towards me? ”

Surprisingly, the Goblins didn attack the young man, instead they became more alert and focused never leaving their eyes on him.

A young woman trembly walked towards the young man and handed her weapon. It was a short sword. Short enough for women with small stature to wield it. When the man clutched and swung the sword, the wind pressure he produced by just swinging was enough for us to be surprised.

It was not because of how strong it was, but because it was too weak. Just as we realized it, so did the Goblins.

The young woman ran back towards us while the Goblins roared and attacked the young man.

Unexpectedly, it wasn red blood that splattered but green blood.

”Heh, of course, Im just playing with you. I ain a swordsman but a magician. ”

All 20 Goblins that attacked the man at the same time were all cut into pieces without even touching the young man.

”Lucky, aren I? ”

[Congratulations to Area 1, first part cleared!]

[23 Survivors, 7 Deaths, 20 Goblin heads confirmed!]

[Calculating the contributions…]

[Congratulations to Player Unknown for achieving a great feat!]

[Please proceed to the next room. Survivors will be healed after arriving at the next room.]

The young man looked back at us. ”Don tell anyone about this. I already memorized your faces. You don want to be like them right? ”

Everyone nodded including me, although he couldn see me.

”Then please also escort the wounded in the next room. The administrator… yes lets just call it an administrator for convenience, have already announced that 23 survived. Im tired Ill be going first. ”

No one stopped the young man because he really looked pale. Maybe, he exerted too much force to kill all the Goblins in one go. It was fast enough for us not to know how the Goblins were killed.

As people couldn see me anyways, I also walked towards the next room. It might be possible for others to survive too if we could follow the young man.

As I was thinking about this, the young man stopped and looked in my direction.

”You… though I know you
e quite hard to notice, I know that you contributed a lot. I will give you some advice. Don ever use your active skill in the Tutorial.. never. Okay? ”

I-I will remember that. ”

Chills went up on my spine. I don know why, but I feel that I should really take that advice. It wasn because I trusted him, it was because the gravity of his voice when giving me advice was too deep to consider it as nothing. The young man was too serious and additionally he knew about my skills and could somehow see me. Taking the advice to my heart like it was an oath.

Who wouldve thought that he really saved my life not only on the first part, but from the clutches of others too.

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