Azura The Key

Chapter Two: Animals

up and fightAzura. ”


”I have no place for pleasantries in my book for scum. ” He says.

”Ouch that was rude. We just met and I haven done anything wrong to offend you. ”

I say whilst rubbing my dagger that is concealed by myskirt. As I silently access him, lesson number seven keeps ringing in my head.

”Your mere existence is an offence. I wasn sure it was you until I saw your eyes. The girl whose eyes glow gold and bleeds blue. Is it true you heal and move just as fast as I blink Azura? He asks and I smirk.

”I didn know I was such a legend and for a moment there you sounded like you were in awe of me. As for the healing why don we find out. ” I say with smirk and unsheathe my blades.

He charges forward and our blades clash against each other. He kicks my thigh and cuts my cheek, causing blue blood to seep out. I push him off me.

”You are fast, what do you do for a living? ” I ask slightly panting.

”I hunt animals and Im currently close to ending this one before me. ”

He stares at me as I wipe the blood off the cheek and the place is left without a scar not even a tiny scratch.

”Now that was not nice but I guess now we know that everything they said is true. ” I laughed at the look on his face. ”But honestly, this is getting really boring. Don you people have a hobby? ”

”I do, its hunting just like my father before me. He hunted animals and so do I ” he said whilst brandishing a machete.

”Animals, I don think you got the news but there are no animals ” I replied whilst watching his every move.

”Well, Im staring at one. Today is the day you die, you half bred abomination! ” he said simultaneously trying to size me up.

”Don you think I should at least know the name of the person that is about to kill me? ” I shouldn be asking him his name because names make it harder to forget; without a name he is just another drop in the ocean.

”My name is Zizire, remember that name when you stand before the gods to receive your punishment in the afterlife! ” he screamed before and charging towards me.

If someone was present and watching me but decided at that moment to blink, they might have missed the way the markings on my skin glowed bright blue and how rays of sunlight reflected on my blade shortly before it was covered in blood. They would have only caught the ending which was the sight of his severed head in the air before rolling onto the floor and parts of my exposed torso, face and arms being covered with splotches of blood from the fountain that sprung up on his neck at the site where his head was supposed to be.

”Too bad your quest for knowledge caused you your life. ” I say, then I procced to wipe my face and my blades before sheathing them.

Staring at the severed head, muse over the fact that I never get to use my dagger these days then I walk away.

Black might be impractical in such hot temperatures but it makes up for the discomfort in other ways; It doesn show stains and I have not washed my clothes for a week. If my mother were here, she would pull and twist my ears till they felt like they were set aflame.

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