Chapter 3 (The promise)

”Good morning world, ” she said before she starts to walk, her university is a walking distance from their house, its not hard for her to only walk, because she loves to.

When she started to cross the road, someone familiar voice calling her name, oh wrong! shes not that, her name is Bainessah, not Nessah, she thinks. She continues to walk along.

”Hey!, Nessah wait!

The guy didn stop calling that name, she ignored it. ”You!, Im calling you Bainessah Kate

She stops quickly when she heard her name and looking at her back.

”CG!. hey! good morning, she greets him with a friendly tone.

”Good morning! he greeted while he breathes shortly. You
e so fast.

”You don tell me yesterday that you go to school with me.

”I forgot to tell you, I want to tell you that since we are best friends that we
e together every day, he said.

”Oh! thank you.

” You are so much welcome.

”So lets go? she said and starts to walk.

”Do you want later when you have time, Ill take you on a tour of the entire campus? he asked her while walking together.

”You will accompany me?

”Of course!.

”All right, Ill text you later when I have time.

After Bainessahs first day at her new school, she can tell herself that she can easily adjust. Curt took her on a tour of the entire campus, such a beautiful school she thought. She sighs and stood up on the seat, she and Curt talked about meeting at the gate so that they could walk home together.

As she walked out of the hallway students were looking at her and others were also whispering. She just ignored it, because she also thought that she was just new in their eyes.

When she was on her way to the gate she met a group of women, they were back inside the building, she stepped aside to give way to them, they looked at her with an evil look.

”She had just moved here. She heard another member of that group says.

”Was she the one with Gilbert this afternoon who toured the entire campus? another one asking.

She just kept going out of school, and she just didn misinterpret what she heard about her. She had reached outside the gate and there was her friend waiting for her.

”Hi!. Have you been waiting for a long time? she called the friends attention as he leaned over the cell phone he was holding.

The young man looked at her and he smiled broadly. ”Not really, I just came out too. He answers.

”So, lets go? maybe my grandparents are already waiting for me to come home.

”Lets go then. How was your first day? the young man asked as he walked along.

”I thought its okay, but as I walk out of the building, a lot of students are looking at me, and I meet a group of women who look down on me. She answers.

”Don mind them. he said.

”Maybe you were famous at school, right?

”How can you say that?

”Because earlier I heard someone asking if I was the one with you earlier who wandered around the whole school.

”Did you know who asked?

”I heard someone called Trixie?

”I know that Trixie, and avoid that woman because she always makes trouble to anyone.

”Okay! she just said.

”She is also known in our school, she is called the most beautiful girl on campus, but I think the one who will bring down that brat woman has come.

She looked at him and frowned at him while looking straight at him. ”What do you want me to hear?

”Nothing, I just want to say that you are even more beautiful than Trixie, thats it.

”Really? maybe later that woman will suddenly tweak me.

”That won happen, I won allow it, Ill be the one she can fight if she beats you.

”Why are you doing this to me CG?

”Which one I did?

”This thing!. your being kind to me?

”Have you forgotten what I told you when we were at your grandfathers farm?

”Of course not.

”Thats it, then don ask me why.

She would have spoken, but they had already reached the house of her grandparents. Curt first waited for Nessah to enter her house then he continued to walk so that he could reach them as well.

Curt would just open their gate when he called to the approaching friend. ”Hey, dude! lets play? his friend says when he gets close.

”All right, wait for me here, Im just dressed.

”Okay! Ill wait for you here.

Curt even ran into their house to get dressed for the game and soon after he also went out and they went to an open basketball court together.

”You seem to be getting along with our new neighbor. His friend asked.

”Yes, I feel like I was hit right away. But I don want to hurry, you know! I don want to be rejected.

”Is that why you prefer not to part with her?

”Do you know that the first time you saw her, your heartbeat was different? Seems like someone is drumming inside your heart with its force?

”Are you asking me that bro?

”It seems like that already.

He laughed out loud ”Really bro? Do you ask me that?

”Why not? Isn that a lot of experience?

”Seriously? who are so many chasing women the two of us?

”You never really talk sensibly. He said and at once snatched the ball carried by his friend.

After dinner, their grandma and her grandpa were the ones who offered to wash the dishes. While washing the dishes, she came back to her mind of what had been going on at school lately. ”Why is Curt like that to her? She asked in her mind. From what she heard whispering, it was as if the young man was famous in their school. So she just wondered why she was the one with him? ”Maybe because she was new and she still needed to train herself in the area, maybe the man was just nice, she also thought of an answer to her question.

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