Jamie POV

” and Roman reigns went after Brock Lesnar, oh my god, why is Brock Lesnar carrying a chair, don tell me hes about to hit Roman reigns, Roman reigns needs to avoid that attack, but , I don think he can, oh Superman punch, I don know why Roman reigns is on fire tonight, maybe its because Brock Lesnar insulted the bloodline……. ”

” wait…wait…my neck is paining me ” I caught Euphoria off, she stare at me, I push Daniela away from my body.

These girls are planning to kill me before my time.

” Jamie, you
e not even strong ” Daniela told me.

I agree, who will be leaving in the same house with these two friends of mine and still survive.

” am hungry, any food? ” I told them,

Daniela was the first to stand up from the floor where she was sitting.

Euphoria is a stud ( girls that behave like boys), while Daniela is a stubborn girl, she behaves like a maniac sometimes.

Daniela is crazy while Euphoria is a psychopath, together both are CRAZY PSYCHOPATHS

” nope ” Euphoria said, she adjusted the jacket which she was putting on.

” Jamie take us out for lunch na ” she said.

I gave her an eye roll

Like seriously?

” am not doing that ” I told them point blank.

Daniela walked over to me and gave me that puppy look which am not planning on falling for.

” please ” both pleaded giving me the look.

” NO ” I said framly.

” please….. ” both continued.

Finally I gave in, thats just how my friends are they will bend me into doing their bidding.

Maybe I shouldn have said anything about food.

Ah how frustrating.

” Yeeeeee ” both screamed like kids, they literally dragged me out of the couch,out of the house into the car, with Euphoria driving.

Hold on, Euphoria is driving?

” Ahhhhh ” I screamed out loud, my friends looked at me like I have gone crazy.

” whats the matter? ” both asked.

” Euphoria is driving ” I reminded Daniela, she too joined me in screaming.

”ahhhhhhhhhhh ”

Euphoria is a lunatic fringe when it comes to driving, that girl drives like heaven is sure for her when we all know that she has a private jet that will take her straight to hell.

” this was all your fault ” Daniela blamed me.

” how is it my fault? ” I asked because I simply don understand how this is my fault.

” why didn you take the drivers seat? ” she questioned.

” you practically pushed me into the back seat ” I reminded her, she shut up instantly and began to pray to God for forgiveness.

Euphoria kept on driving like a maniac, honesty, I don even know how someone like her can keep a relationship.

Maybe thats why, shes not into any, what am I even saying, none of us three are in any relationship.


Later that night, Euphoria was playing video game with me, w

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