Jamie POV

” and Roman reigns went after Brock Lesnar, oh my god, why is Brock Lesnar carrying a chair, don tell me hes about to hit Roman reigns, Roman reigns needs to avoid that attack, but , I don think he can, oh Superman punch, I don know why Roman reigns is on fire tonight, maybe its because Brock Lesnar insulted the bloodline……. ”

” wait…wait…my neck is paining me ” I caught Euphoria off, she stare at me, I push Daniela away from my body.

These girls are planning to kill me before my time.

” Jamie, you
e not even strong ” Daniela told me.

I agree, who will be leaving in the same house with these two friends of mine and still survive.

” am hungry, any food? ” I told them,

Daniela was the first to stand up from the floor where she was sitting.

Euphoria is a stud ( girls that behave like boys), while Daniela is a stubborn girl, she behaves like a maniac sometimes.

Daniela is crazy while Euphoria is a psychopath, together both are CRAZY PSYCHOPATHS

” nope ” Euphoria said, she adjusted the jacket which she was putting on.

” Jamie take us out for lunch na ” she said.

I gave her an eye roll

Like seriously?

” am not doing that ” I told them point blank.

Daniela walked over to me and gave me that puppy look which am not planning on falling for.

” please ” both pleaded giving me the look.

” NO ” I said framly.

” please….. ” both continued.

Finally I gave in, thats just how my friends are they will bend me into doing their bidding.

Maybe I shouldn have said anything about food.

Ah how frustrating.

” Yeeeeee ” both screamed like kids, they literally dragged me out of the couch,out of the house into the car, with Euphoria driving.

Hold on, Euphoria is driving?

” Ahhhhh ” I screamed out loud, my friends looked at me like I have gone crazy.

” whats the matter? ” both asked.

” Euphoria is driving ” I reminded Daniela, she too joined me in screaming.

”ahhhhhhhhhhh ”

Euphoria is a lunatic fringe when it comes to driving, that girl drives like heaven is sure for her when we all know that she has a private jet that will take her straight to hell.

” this was all your fault ” Daniela blamed me.

” how is it my fault? ” I asked because I simply don understand how this is my fault.

” why didn you take the drivers seat? ” she questioned.

” you practically pushed me into the back seat ” I reminded her, she shut up instantly and began to pray to God for forgiveness.

Euphoria kept on driving like a maniac, honesty, I don even know how someone like her can keep a relationship.

Maybe thats why, shes not into any, what am I even saying, none of us three are in any relationship.


Later that night, Euphoria was playing video game with me, while Daniela was going through her laptop.

The place was quite except for the sound of the game.

Nobody said a word because everyone was busy.

We Just kept the quietness going, the only thing that Unite us currently is the plate of fried chips.

” oh my gosh! ” Daniela exclaimed, of course, Euphoria and I turned to look at her wondering what it was, she was completely buried in her laptop.

” what is it? ” Euphoria thought it wise to ask her.

” check out this auction for a reality TV show called THE ROYALS ” she said, I stood up from the floor were I was sitting and join her on the bed.

” its a housemate something ” I proclaimed, she nod at me,

Out of nowhere, Euphoria took the laptop away from Danielas grip.

” hey be careful ” Daniela warned.

I simply stare at Euphoria as she read the article.

” it says here that the winner goes home with a whopping sum of fifty million Naira ” she said with her eyes wide open,

I don believe it, I reached and took the laptop away from her grip.

” Omo Na true oo ” i said, its unbelievable.

Daniela took back her laptop from my grip,

” so… ” she dragged that word.

Okay, I know where this is heading, but I dare not say no, else these girls will murder me.

” fifty million Naira, of course we
e going ” Euphoria shouted, I had to give her a deadly stare just to remind her that its late at night.

She became quite.

” I guess we can give it a go, but I don have any guarantee that any of us is going to win ” i told them the bitter reality before shoving a chip into my mouth.

I won say I regreted it but the girls almost ate me whole.

” enemy of progress ”

” bad belly ”

” my village elders ”

” the village demon ”

” evil spirit ”

Both of them went on and on raining insults on me,

Well am not taking back what I said.

” I just told you girls, so that no one will come and cry me a River later on ” I directed that statement to Daniela and to prove my capability I stare at her while saying those words.

She shrugged her shoulders nonchalantly.

” and if I win, I will make sure you lick my floor clean ”

Euphoria and I couldn help but laugh at her statement.

” and if you lose, I will personally make sure you, lick his boxers ” Euphoria said

” ewwwwww ” Daniela said in disgust.

” hey while the eww my boxer is more neat then yours ”

I objected, then she spent the entire night giving me reasons why, hers is better than mine.

Ah trust me, I gave it to her back to back, I can just sit and watch her insult the masculine gender without defending our pride.

Euphoria simply left us, she just slept off.

I could confidentially tell you all that I lost the argument.

Daniela has it as a gift not to lose an argument.

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