Everyone is set to go but me, I just like taking my time in doing my stuffs, i like my things done with all perfection.

” Danny please be fast ” Jamie bagged me, I simply Chuckled in my room where I was dressing,

” god, how long does it take to get dressed? ” Euphoria questioned, well thats her business.

I gently applied my lip gloss, I know they
e going to murder me once I get downstairs but who cares.

” DANIELA!!!!! ” I heard Jamies voice, it sounded so loud making me know the consequences of me delaying them,

” coming ” I said, I hurrying slide into my seven inches heel, before coming downstairs.

Yep, my time to die.

I said to myself, cos the stare they
e giving me is ready to make me die.

” seriously girl ” Jamie said,

I choose to shrugge My shoulder.

” well I had to take my time and all that ” I said

Jamie would have ignored me if not for Euphoria.

” sometimes I wonder how I even got to know you ” she said, please someone should help me slap her.

” maybe its because you want to win the audition without us ” Jamie added.

Okay seriously, we
e doing that like right now ?

” guys … ”

” aha! ” Euphoria exclaimed cutting me short. I mentally facepalmed myself at them.

” whenever you start with guys its always with something awful ” Euphoria said, Jamie supported her,

” please, lets do our audition ” I told them.

we start the audition, it was an online audition where you have to tell them your name and few things about yourself.

Jaime went on first with the camera Infront of him, hr began to introduce himself, talking about his likes and dislikes.

Euphoria went next, she did the same thing, but adding.

” and most importantly, I like girls ” she winked at the camera.

yep, Euphoria is bisexual .

finally it was my turn , I cat walked up towards the front with Jamie and Euphoria staring at me enviously I must say.

its not my fault that they
e not hot.

I flipped my hair backwards and stare at the camera.

” hello, everyone my name is Daniela Ayomide Oluwabi , am a native of ikorodu Lagos Nigeria, am twenty four years old, ” I went on to list my hobbies, my likes and dislikes, I also listed a lot of things about myself that I can possibly Remember.

” cut ” Jamie said and switched off the camera.

” enemy of progress ” I said to him.

” whatever ” he replied to me.

” but Euphoria was it really necessary to announce your sexuality ? ” Jamie asked her.

even I supported him.

” what was it not good? ” she innocently ask.

” people could be highly judgemental sometimes ” I told her.

not that we
e judging her, ever since she came out as part of the LGBTQ community, Jamie and I has ever supported her, we loved her for who she is and what she is, shes our friend therefore we can possibly hate her.

but then, we
e leaving in a world where people can possibly understand how you feel, as long as they tag it evil, then theres nothing you can do to change it.

” I don care what others think as long as you two accept me for who I am ” she told us.

aww… I love her for this statement.

” well if you get disqualified just don miss any episode of our show ” Jamie told her, she literally elbowed him.

” if I get disqualified then you two are staying at home with me ” she told us, Jamie and I busted out laughing.

seriously, I just don understand the kind of friends that I have.

Jamie is sometimes a wiredo while Euphoria is a psychopath.

” what if the three of us get in remember there will be only one winner ” Euphoria reminded us .

” then you all have to take heart and celebrate with me ” I told them, clearly giving them the impression that am going to win.

” see who wants to win ” Jamie said,

I hissed at him.

he should watch and see me win.

Euphoria stood up , she picked up her jacket from the couch and turned towards the door.

” where are you going to ? ” I asked her.

” I got a call earlier that , I have with a client from Indonesia, don worry about me I won stay long ” she said and walk out, Jamie took the camera to his room to submit our video.

Euphoria is a successful Igbo business woman, shes a CEO on her own, an alpha female, no wonder shes a stud.

Am an actress, a super model, just call me a celebrity.

Jamie is also a businessman, his also his own CEO.

fifty million naira might not be that much of a money for us, but we know why we
e going there, just for the fun of it.

I just hope we get in, it will be a very good way to spend quality time with each other.

one thing I didn tell them was the fact that I searched for things like that online, lately I have noticed some division in us, everyone is usually busy with one thing or the other , I have also noticed that, that one of us has something to say but didn know how to say it.

it hurts Me thou, that after ten years of friendship someone is still finding it difficult to communicate freely with us.

Well all that is about to end, if we get in, then I will know what to do next, if we get disqualified then we might as well go on a vacation overseas.

Yes… thats the plan.

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