I came back very late at night , maybe around that kind eleven twenty something, everyone was already asleep.

yes we live together for now, it was all Dannys idea , I just don understand why but recently she asked us to stay together in one apartment for a month, we all agreed to it and has been living together, this is our fourth day together in the same house.

gently I went upstairs to my room, I had my shower , and lay on tbe bed facing the ceiling.

if we get accepted then that means I will be in the same space with them.

Ever since coming out to them, I have always noticed something different about them, I just don know what it is but I sometimes see it in their faces.

Don get me wrong, they are my best friends theres no doubt a that, i love and value them so much and their opinion matters a lot in my life.

but sometimes I just can get this little mind whispering to me at tbe back of my off my head.

Jamie and Daniela are the two most sincere people I have ever met my whole life, and I don want to lose that friendship.

slowly, I drifted off to sleep without even knowing it.

********next morning********

Jamie was almost done dressing, I believe hes going out on a date with a girl we didn know of.

” is she fair ? ” Daniela asked.

” yes she is ” Jamie replied.

when did this guy get a girl to the point of going out on a date with her.

” I just pity whoever the unlucky girl is ” I voices out loud, everyone glanced at me like I just confessed that I was the one who killed Jesus Christ.

” Euphoria !! ” Daniela called out my name.

” what ? ” I asked.

” at least let the girl dump him first ” Daniela said, I busted out laughing.

” wait so you girls can even wish me luck ? ” Jamie said, Daniela and I ended up laughing at his statement.

” you girls are evil, after you two will come begging me to buy food for you abi ? ” he added, Daniela and I just couldn stop laughing.

” na sure thing be that na ” and told him.

I noticed he mentally roll his eyes at me.

” go and come back to tell us how she dumped you ” Daniela said

he angryly bit down on his lower lip.

” evil demons ” he proclaimed.

” Lucifer from hell ” Daniela replied.

” Queen of the coast ”

” papi water ”

” Mami water ”

” witch ”

” wizard ”

those two went on insulting themselves.

I simply shook my head at their childish behavior.

” Jamie , your date ” I reminded him.

” oh Yes ” he said as he picked up his car key from the table.

” see you later Euphoria and as for that wicked witch …. ” he gave Daniela a middle finger which she returned.

few hours later after Jamie went out on his so called date , a text message came in through Danielas laptop , when she checked the sender we discovered it was from THE ROYALS .

Daniela wanted to read it but I asked her to wait lets read it together with Jamie.

” so we should wait for him to come back from his date ? ” Daniela asked me.

” yeah ” I replied, turning my attention back to the movie I was watching earlier while eating my hamburger.

I know Daniela is dying to read the message but we got to wait for Jamie.

okay I don want to sound as an enemy of progress here but that date is not going to go well.

you might be wondering how I got to know well, I just happen to know things.

whoever the girl is might not be good enough for Jamie or the other way around.

my best friend Jamie is one of the most handsome men that I have met in my entire life time, hes a lady killer, every ladys dream man.

therefore , I believe his date with this girl won go well .

but hold a minute.

” Danny? do you realize that we
e still single and Jamie is going out on a date ? ” I asked her.

she didn bother looking up from her laptop.

” trust me that date is not going to go well, so am not bothered ”

oh you see, am not the only one with the same thought, before some people will begin to call me an enemy of progress.

I heard Daniela grumbled, I could guess why.

” why do Jamie have to go on this pointless date when by now we could have red the massage, now we have to wait for him, as the crown prince of my village that he is ” she grumbled.

” shouldn you be praying that hes date should well ? ” I said trying to be as postive as I could, but within me I was praying that the girl should dump him quickly, so that he can come back on time.

” girl, you and I know that the so called dateis not going to end well ” she told me, I tried to control my laughter but it ended up coming out anyway.

” we
e indeed the worst kind of friends ” I said out loud.

” indeed we are ” Daniela agreed with me.

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