*ding dong*

school bell rang, sign of the first lesson end.

i was trying to open my eyes slowly after i slept in the middle of the first lesson when someone throw a ball-shaped paper at me and that make me surprised.

”well, another suck day. ” my name is Albian Fallery I am in my third year of elementary school and just a normal student, not exactly normal i guess, i have a bigger body compared to the kids my age, and just because of that I am being bullied.

Ive been bullied since the first day of school, till now.

ive been enduring this hell, that caused just because of my size is a bit different from the rest of the kid in my class, my body is bigger than them, but i dont have the courage to fight back.

punched, kicked, ive been through this shit alot, what else could make my life more miserable? i guess

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