After listening to the system I said sign-in

Lin: ten start sign-in

[ Dialy sign-in used reward: 1,000 points ]

[ Monthly sign-in used reward: Spell fireball ]

[ yearly sign-in used reward: Devine rank beast space package ]

as seeing the last reward I got what with the rank I know what is Beast space, after reaching rank 1 you need to make beast space in your body where beast live normally what there is no rank divine seeing my dumbfounded face system response

[ host Devine rank space is the most powerful beast space for beast reside than anyone you see or read ]

Lin: I see then lets make it

[ host, I open the package and make it now ]

Lin: do it

[ host bears the pain ]

as the voice fell the whole body feel pain for one minute

[ Host, Beast space is made you check and see your status ]

As I focus on my beast space I can see a full island with trees made which is very big and covered with the sea. on the island, there are planes, valleys, mountains, and even one volcano is there and not only that there is even a glacier in the sea

Lin: I know that beast space only has an element which we possess then what are mine elements that can make and this island, volcano, glacier, let check status then.

[ Name: Lin Feng

Rank: 1

Beast space rank: Devine

talent: Fire, earth, wind, Water, Life, Lava, Ice, Wood, Light, Dark, Shadow, thunder, Space, time

Beast: none ]

Lin: No wonder it becomes like this I have so many elements which mean will be difficult for me if I did not have the system now

[ Host because of your so much talent in the element you will take time in cultivation also so be wary of that ]

Lin: I know that but First we need to call the beast

[ your beast will be with good potential with your talent and beast space ]

Lin: that I know but I can call one beast at a time and then he can start to cultivate than other and by that, it will be fifteen days

[ host you should start calling the first beast ]

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