ivator didn’t flinch, his fly whisk glowing with light and his hands cupped in a spiritual knot to meet it.


The two fought in a clash, spiritual energy roaring and exploding out!

The entire Yulin City shook!

The crowd stood frozen in place.

No one had expected this siege to bring in two Nascent Soul Realm practitioners!

A battle at this level was not something they could interfere with.

Qiu Ao was the first to react and said in a loud voice, “Commanders listen to my orders, kill all these righteous people, don’t let a single one live!”


The people of the Demon Sect roared and rushed forward.

The appearance of a constellation had boosted their morale, and although they were outnumbered, they actually had the upper hand for a while.

Looking at the chaotic scene, Ye Xiao swallowed his saliva and quietly moved his feet.

This was completely beyond his prediction.

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The bad premonition in his heart was getting stronger and stronger.

His instincts told him that this was not a place to stay for long!

Just then, a cold and stern voice rang in his ears.

“Advance, kill Ye Xiao!”


Wu Mang and the five Shadows made their movements in unison, and Shu Shi’s hands clinked with green ice as the attention-grabbing sword Qi slid out!

Without wasting any time and bullshit, the goal was to kill him!

“Help, help!”

Ye Xiao’s heart and guts trembled as he ran with all his might in a panic, while crying out.

Although he was stronger than an ordinary Golden Elixir practitioner, he could not withstand seven Golden Elixir cultivators attacking him simultaneously.

What’s more, the man in white was so extraordinarily strong that he was simply no match for him!

“I can’t die!”

“I am the Favored Son of Heaven, an existence that will stand at the peak of the Nine Realms, how can I die here?!”

Ye Xiao’s eyes were red, and his expression was filled with unwillingness.

At this moment, he noticed Chen Qingluan who was busy fighting on the side, as if he had grabbed the straw would save his life:

“Fairy Chen, save me!”

Ye Xiao ducked behind her in an instant.

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Seeing his cowering appearance, Chen Qingluan’s sword brows frowned slightly, and a hint of disgust swept across the bottom of her eyes.

I thought this Ye Xiao had courage, but I didn’t expect him to be so cowardly!

Hmph, why would Tianyi Sect send trash like him?

Although she hated it in her heart, she could not sit back and do nothing, because after all, he was a fellow righteous path.

Chen Qingluan crossed her swords and blocked in front of Su Shi.

“Stop, you demon ……”

Shu Shi did not dodge, directly slashing his sword, “Old bitch! Don’t get in my way!”

This was a great opportunity to kill the Son of Heaven’s Destiny!

“Bitch, old bitch?”

Chen Qing Luan was silent for a moment hearing the humiliation, and then her eyes flashed with a blazing flame.

“I leave Qiu Ao to you, I will deal with this demon!”


The people of the Demon Extermination Division surrounded Qiu Ao in a group.

Looking at the woman in green in front of him, Shu Shi’s eyes turned icy, “Dare to stop me? Then, I’ll kill you together!”

Killing two main characters in a row, the rewards should be very bountiful, right?

Although there was still a lot of drama to follow for this Chen Qingluan, he could not care too much at the moment.

No matter what, Ye Xiao had to die here!

“Heavenly Sword Draw Technique!”

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