But then what?

“You are the Son of Destiny, taking all the fortune of heaven, but you are cowardly, timid, and stupid.”

“Do you think I should just stand by obediently waiting for you to kill me?

“You’re the one who first made the move to kill me, in my eyes it’s already unforgivable!”


Sword Qi crossed heaven and earth!

Ye Xiao’s eyes were filled with despair.


The middle-aged cultivator noticed this scene and instantly his eyes widened in anger as he raised his hand and threw the fly whisk.

But he was still a step too slow.

The ruthless sword qi pierced through Ye Xiao’s chest like a bolt of lightning.

Shu Shi still wanted to slash out a second sword.

But the fly whisk had already flown in, and a blinding light separated the two.

“Don’t get distracted while you fight.”

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Shenxiu slammed his fist into the middle-aged cultivator’s chest.


The cultivator spurted blood, his chest was dented and he fell down like a kite with a broken string.

In mid-air, he forcibly endured severe pain, his blood burned like a flame, and instantly appeared behind Ye Xiao.


Pulling the unconscious Ye Xiao, his body disappeared like a bubble.

“Want to run?”

Shenxiu condensed the stone spear in his hand and threw it forcefully, a muffled groan came from the void.

After leaving behind a large pool of blood, the two figures completely disappeared.

As the Righteous path disciples watched, they couldn’t help but freeze in place.

“That Nascent Soul cultivator……”


The crowd looked distraught.

They had just been abandoned?

What happened to the promise to live and die together, to share hardships?

Qiu Ao’s smile was fierce as he said in a firm voice, “Fellow commanders, follow me to eliminate those righteous people!”


The people in the Demon Sect looked excited.

Chen Qingluan had fallen, Ye Xiao’s life and death was unknown, and the Soul Nascent great power had fled.

Righteous force had completely lost the ability to resist.

What followed was a completely one-sided massacre.

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Shu Shi had no interest in the others and stood silently, waiting for the system’s notification.

About a stick of incense later, a beep sounded.

[The storyline has changed.]

[The host defeated Chen Qingluan, influencing the next plot trend and gaining 10 plot points.]

[The host helped kill Lin Quan, a monk from Tianyi Sect, affecting the next plot trend and earning 10 plot points.]

[The host has severely injured Ye Xiao, affecting the subsequent plot, earning 40 plot points.

[Please continue your good job.]

“Heavy damage?”

Shu Shi’s eyes sank slightly, “Tsk, it’s true that he didn’t die.”

His sword had hit right on the chest, and it was probably Lin Quan who had saved Ye Xiao’s life before he died.

This was also in line with his expectations.

If he is really easy to kill, he will not be called the protagonist.

Even if it is well prepared, it will only inflict heavy damage on the other party.

But it made him certain of one thing.

The so-called Son of Heaven’s Destiny was not immortal!

“You won’t be so lucky next time.”

The corner of Shu Shi’s mouth curved up slightly.

Ye Xiao was still alive, the next plot was still predictable, and he still had more room to play.

“Sixty plot points?”

“That’s a big jackpot.”

Censor, in traditional East Asia, governmental official charged primarily with the responsibility for scrutinizing and criticizing the conduct of officials and rulers.

As alluded to in the first chapter, burning blood is equivalent to spending your remaining life-span in exchange for a drastic increase in strength in a short period of time.
Therefore, the middle-aged man who saved Ye Xiao was already confirmed dead.

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