Chapter 25 – Shenxiu Shows Goodwill and Take Chen Qingluan Home!

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“As expected of a Favored Son of Heaven, it actually grants me forty plot points!”

Shu Shi was extremely satisfied.

It was not in vain that he had prepared well.

“If I beat Ye Xiao to a pulp every time from here on out, won’t I be able to rack up unlimited plot points?”

“And he can also act as a treasure hunting rat for me.”

“After all, some opportunities still have to be opened by him.”

Shu Shi cupped his chin and poked darkly at the good idea.

For Ye Xiao, he didn’t feel the slightest bit of guilt.

It didn’t matter if he killed him.

After all, Ye Xiao was the one who first made the move to kill him.

If Shu Shi didn’t have the strength he currently had, would Ye Xiao have let him go?

The two were opposites by nature, and there was no room for reconciliation.

“Your opportunity, is my opportunity, your treasure, is my treasure, your woman ……”

“Sorry, you don’t have a woman.”

The corner of Shu Shi’s mouth smiled coldly.

The battle was almost over at this point.

Righteous force has no leader and Demonic force has the upper hand, almost destroying it unilaterally, Righteous force has no ability to resist.

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Shenxiu fell from the air, his figure already back to normal.

His clothes had exploded during his transformation, and his body was as thin as a rib, with no sign of the extraordinary and powerful appearance he had just had.

“Kid, you did a great job.”

Shenxiu looked at Shu Shi approvingly, “You have a brilliant idea.”

That middle-aged cultivator, Lin Quan, wasn’t as strong as him, but he was a solid Nascent Soul practitioner after all.

If they really wanted to drag things out, it would be normal to fight for several hours.

Shu Shi, however, had captured Lin Quan’s lifeline.

That was Ye Xiao.

Lin Quan was obviously Ye Xiao’s protector and was distracted by Shu Shi’s sword, which allowed Shenxui to take the opening.

But what he didn’t know is that Shu Shi didn’t care about Lin Quan at all ……

That cultivatior forcibly burned his blood and ended up getting hit by one of my blows, so he will definitely die!”

Shenxiu’s eyes were very excited.

Today’s operation could be considered a great success.

Not only had he destroyed the Righteous force, he had also gotten a powerhouse in the Nascent Soul Realm, killed, completely consolidating the Demonic Sect’s grip on the Southwest Region.

This was no small feat!

And all of this is inseparable from Shu Shi.

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Shenxiu said, “Don’t worry, I’ll explain your credit to the sect.”

Shu Shi shook his head, “The main thing is that Lord Constellation planned carefully, it has nothing to do with this subordinate.”

Shenxiu smiled and said, “Even if the plan was well thought out, didn’t you see through it as well?”

Shu Shi scratched his head, “This is ……”

“Well, don’t be modest, it’s only proper that I reward you for your service, and I won’t take advantage of a small commander like you.”

Shenxiu was satisfied with Shu Shi.

He was intelligent, capable and most importantly, loyal.

Such talents could not be found very often.

Moreover, with the talent Shu Shi had shown, it was definitely impossible for him to stop at only the Golden Elixir Realm in the future, so showing goodwill now would be a kind of investment.

Seeing Shenxui’s friendly appearance, the other city commanders’ eyes fluttered.

That was a Constellation, an existence in charge of a continent.
If they could make good relations with such a big man, they would be able to walk arrogantly all over the Southwest Region!

“Shu Shi’s strength is too strong, he can completely destroy Chen Qing Luan!”

“Yes, sword cultivators are recognized as strong in battle, and he can compete a top genius like Chen Qingluan!”

“I just wonder …… Why are there so many Golden Elixir Realm practitioners in Fengsha City?”

“There are seven including Shu Shi, that’s too many!”

After this battle, people were well aware of one thing.

Fengsha City, had risen!

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Cao Jie, the commander of Qianyang, was deathly pale.

Before the big battle, he had just broken his arm and could only exert fifty percent of his strength, almost dying in the melee.

But none of this mattered ……

“Why should I offend Shu Shi ah!”

Cao Jie wanted to cry.


Stop it, all he hopes now is that Shu Shi does not hold a grudge on him……


Shu Shi stood by the ruins and looked at the unconscious woman in green.

Chen Qingluan.

One of the main characters.

The youngest imperial official of the Demon Extermination Division and considered a once-in-a-thousand-year genius of the dao of the sword.

In addition, she has an important identity.

Zhan Qingchen’s best friend!

“Just now, my attention was on Ye Xiao, so I didn’t think much of it, before I realized it I beat her up like this.”

Shu Shi rubbed his eyebrows, “It’s a bit troublesome now.”

Shenxiu changed his clothes and walked over to him, “Why, are you excited?”

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Shu Shi froze, “Huh?”

Shenxiu smiled and said, “A young man is full of passion, I can understand that.
Besides, this woman is very beautiful…”

After saying that, he looked around and lowered his voice, “Take this woman away, I’ll pretend I didn’t see her.”


Shu Shi didn’t say much either, and directly carried Chen Qingluan.

“Many thanks to Lord Constellation.”

This is a ready-made plot point!

Shenxiu waved his hand and said, “Don’t thank me, I don’t know anything about it.”

“I understand, then this subordinate will leave first.”

Shu Shi carried Chen Qingluan until he ran.

Looking at his back, Shenxiu nodded his head and sighed, “It’s good to be young.”

At this moment, Qiu Ao walked over and said in confusion, “Lord Shenxiu, why did Commander Shu take that woman away? She is an imperial official of the Demon Extermination Division, she should be escorted back to the sect ……”

“What woman?”

Shenxiu frowned and said, “I don’t see that woman you’re referring to, did you see her?”


Qiu Ao swallowed and carefully said, “Then …… I didn’t see her either?”

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