est friend after all, and with all the commotion in Yulin City, it was likely that the world would find out soon.

If he kills her, Zhan Qingchen will definitely be sad.

But if not ……

Thinking of Chen Qingluan’s murderous appearance, Shu Shi had a headache.

“Forget it, let’s put her here for a while, and wait for her to recover.”

Shu Shi looked at Bai Qing, “I will trouble you to take care of her first during this period.”

He had tied her up, Chen Qingluan was seriously injured and would not be able to break free, so she would not threaten Bai Qing’s safety.


Bai Qing nodded.

A quiet sigh of relief came out from his heart.

“I’m glad she doesn’t have that kind of relationship with my master ……”


A great war broke out in the city, and although it didn’t reach here, the guests had fled.

Shu Shi opened the room next door and asked the maid to boil a bucket of hot water and bring it here.

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Soaking comfortably in the bathtub, Shu Shi let out a comfortable sigh.

After all, he had gone through a ferocious battle, and although he did not break any bones, his spirit was somewhat exhausted.

“Open the system panel.”

[Host: Shu Shi]


[Status: Full of Qi and blood, slightly exhausted]

[Talent: Holy Talent Perfect]

[Realm: Early Stage of Golden Elixir Realm]

[Cultivation Method: The Breathing Technique of Netherworld (Great Success), Netherworld Divine Cultivation (Small Success)]

[Plot Value: 61 points]

“Sixty-one points.”

The corners of Shu Shi’s mouth curled upwards, “This time I was completely freed from poverty and became rich!”

Defeating Chen Qingluan gave 10 points, helping Shenxiu kill Lin Quan gave 10 points, and seriously injuring Ye Xiao gave a full 40 points!

With more plot value, how to spend it became a problem.

According to experience from previous times, continuing to open blind boxes should be the most cost-effective.

But the problem was, he might not be lucky every time.

And the randomness of the blind box was so strong that it was likely to attract something she didn’t need.

Shu Shih thought about it carefully.

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He decided to take 10 points to open the blind box first, and save the rest of the plot value for now.

Soon, he would have to return to the sect, and he might face the Netherworld Demon Empress then, so he had to save some plot value for emergencies.

Open the prize pool.

The prize boxes flickered with light.

Shu Shi grabbed one with his hand.

[Talent: Super Perfect (with Essence Cleansing)]

“Another talent?”

Shu Shi frowned.

He himself was already a Holy Perfect Talent, and this gift was completely useless to him.

Shu Shi pondered for a moment and asked, “System, can this reward be given to someone else?”

The system gave an answer.

[Yes, but it can only be used if the other party does not resist].

“Of course she won’t refuse.”

Shu Shi revealed a smile.

He was already thinking about who this gift would be given to.

Just then, an angry roar suddenly came from next door.

“Lustful bastard, I will kill you!”

Shu Shi: “……”

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