have to do with me?”

For some reason, Chen Qingluan inexplicably had a feeling.

This demon ……

Didn’t seem to be as bad as people thought?

But she immediately shook her head hard to drive away those disturbing thoughts.

Those demon sects are all the same, can they be trusted easily?

It must be because I am too weak to have such a weak mind.

Chen Qingluan regained her composure and her eyes became ice-cold and indifferent.

Shu Shi took the rope and tied her hands and feet tightly once again, saying indifferently, “You’d better get rid of your killing aura.”

“For her sake, I will give you a chance, but only this once.”

“If you dare to show even the slightest bit of killing intent again, I won’t hesitate to break your neck.”

Chen Qingluan winced, sweat pouring out, as if she was being targeted by a predatory beast!

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She looked flustered and lowered her head, not daring to look at Shu Shi anymore.


After Shu Shi tied her up, he took out a pill and gave it to her mouth, “Take it and your wounds will heal faster.
Once your wounds are healed, this rope won’t be able to trap you, so you can leave on your own.”

Chen Qingluan opened her cherry lips and swallowed the pill.

She was not afraid of the other party poisoning her, as there was no need for it.

The pill melted in her mouth and a warm current flowed through her body, her originally dry dantian greedily absorbed energy, and her paper-pale cheeks regained a trace of blood.

“Who are you?”

Chen Qingluan was silent for a long time and asked without thinking.

Shu Shi said, “Demon general of the Netherworld Rakshasa Sect, commander of Fengsha City, Shu Shi.”

“Shu Shi.”

Chen Qingluan repeatedly recited it silently, as if engraving the name in her mind.

“Shu Shi, you hurt me but you also saved me, I consider us even.”

“But you repeatedly committed indecent acts on me, I will remember this hatred!”

Chen Qingluan clenched her silver teeth.

Her chastity was more important to her than her life.

Shu Shi didn’t bother to listen.

Seeing the other party’s stubborn gaze, a sudden wave of mischief surfaced in his heart.

Shu Shi leaned closer to her ear and whispered, “Although Imperial Censor Chen has a hard mouth, she still has a soft part over there.”

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Chen Qingluan’s show eyes rolled, her pupils trembled slightly, and her bright red instantly spread from her cheeks, even her ears were red and hot.

“Lu, lustful bastard!!!”

“I, I’ll bite you to death!”

Seeing that she was about to go berserk again, Shu Shi directly wiped his feet and ran out in a huff.

Chen Qingluan’s chest rose and fell with an expression of shame and anger.

“This bastard!”

“Shu Shi, one day sooner or later, I’ll have to tie you up too!”

She was so angry that she rolled around like a caterpillar and ended up accidentally hitting her wound.

“Hiss, pain, pain, pain~”


Shu Shi stood outside the door, listening to the explosion of angry roars inside the house, and shook his head helplessly.

“This tigress is too excited.”

“I originally intended to milking plot points, but it seems that I’d better stay away from her.”

Just then, an order came to his ears.

[Chen Qingluan’s heart has changed, made a big decision that affects the next plot trend, earning 5 plot points].

[Please keep your good work]

Shu Shi: “????”

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