s like rose petals delicate and l*stful.

Shu Shi gulped his saliva.

Why didn’t I find this girl so beautiful before?

Bai Qing’s eyes were filled with curiosity, “Master, I feel like the world has become a different place!”

After acquiring Super Grade Talent, her perception of things became completely different.

Everything became clear and palpable.

Shu Shi smiled, “Congratulations, you are already a genius cultivator.”

Super Grade Perfect Talent was indeed worthy of being called a super genius.


Bai Qing blinked, “Then am I allowed to stay by the master’s side?”

Shu Shi sighed weakly.

This silly girl.

“Of course, you have signed a contract with me, never leave me in this life.”


Bai Qing excitedly jumped into Shu Shi’s arms.

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Feeling the warmth in her embrace, Shu Shi could barely keep his composure.

“I will help you find a suitable cultivation method, and you don’t have to worry about resources, just work hard at your cultivation.”


Bai Qing replied in a nasal voice, hugging Shu Shi like a kitten and rubbing him.

“Master smells so good ……”


“You’re not even listening, are you!”


Next day.

Knock Knock.

There was a knock on the bedroom door.

Shu Shi opened his eyes and yawned.

Looking at Bai Qing who was sleeping soundly beside him, his expression was a little helpless.

Last night this girl used the excuse of asking for advice on cultivation and staying in his room, then she also had to warm up his bed, saying that this is the duty of a maid ……

“She doesn’t think of me as a man, does she?”

Shu Shi frowned slightly.

It seemed that next time she would have to show what I were really made of.

Getting up, he opened the door to his room.

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Seeing the man in front of her, he couldn’t help but freeze for a moment.

“Commander Qiu?”

Qiu Ao smiled while arching his hand, “Commander Shu, I’ve taken the liberty to interrupt your rest by coming to the door.”

“No harm, come in and sit down ……”

The words were only halfway through when Shu Shi paused in his tone, suddenly remembering that Bai Qing was still sleeping in his room.

Damn, the servant woke up later than his master.

Exactly who was serving whom?

Qiu Ao was a smart guy and saw that his face was embarrassed, so he immediately realized, “No need, it’s not a big deal, let’s talk at the door.”


Shu Shi nodded his head, “I wonder what’s matter with Commander Qiu?”

Qiu Ao clapped his hands, “Bring it up.”


Several subordinates presented jade plates and walked over.

On it were various pills and spiritual treasures, as well as several storage rings that emitted a faint glow.

Shu Shi said in confusion, “Commander Qiu this is ……”

Qiu Ao said with a smile, “This is the spoils of war seized from the Righteous people, after discussing with several other commanders, it is considered that this should belong to Commander Shu, who has the most credits.”

“And please don’t refuse it.”

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