, let’s wait until Shu Shi returns.”


Shu Shi walked out of the Rakshasa Palace.

The passing disciples all seemed excited to see him, and the female disciples even had sparkling, excited eyes.

He was a hero of the Southwest Region, a genius possessing Holy-grade perfect talent, Your Majesty’s favorite person, and he was so handsome!

How could there be such a perfect man in this world?

“Commander Shu is so handsome!”

“If I could be his woman ……”

“Wake up, did Commander Shu even put you in his sights?”

“I’m willing even if it’s one night!”

Listening to the words of the hungry tigers and wolves around him, Shu Shi could not help but quicken his pace.

There was no way this was the Netherworld Rakshasa Sect!

This place shouldn’t be so perverted!

All roads lead outside the mountain gate.

Shu Shi’s thoughts ebbed and flowed.

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Although the time spent back this time was short, many things had happened.

However, what surprised him the most was the Netherworld Demon Empress, Yun Qiluo.

In the original plot, Yun Qiluo, as the main villain, was so powerful and overwhelming that she almost turned the Nine Realms Continent upside down!

Her personality was cold and brutal, and her hands were extremely bloody and cruel!

That was why Shu Shi had always been wary.

But Yun Qiluo’s attitude towards him was a little too intimate, and even occasionally let out an attachment-like gaze.

This was something that could never be disguised.

“Could it be that my actions at a young age have changed her in some unseen way?”

“And then I did not die, causing the Demon Empress to fail in her fall into darkness?”

Shu Shi felt that this possibility was strong.

Yun Qiluo had issued a Black Killing Order for him, which did not happen in the original plot.

“After all, she treated me well.”

Thinking of the Demon Empress’s flushed, bashful, and flirtatious face, Shu Shi felt a tremor in his heart.

It was hard to overcome it!

“Commander Shu.”


Shu Shi stopped in his tracks and looked up.

He only saw Cen Baihu standing in front of him at an unexpected time, followed by an unhappy-looking Cen Yiren.

Shu Shi clasped his hands, “Greetings, West Saint.”

“Is Commander Shu leaving?”

Cen Baihu looked friendly.

Shu Shi didn’t hide anything and said, “There is a strange movement in Tianqu Mountain, it seems that foreign treasures have come out, Her Majesty has ordered me to go and check it out.”

Cen Baihu nodded, “Since there are foreign treasures out there, then the imperial dynasty’s righteous force will definitely send their experts as well.
And it would be too dangerous for Commander Shu to be alone.”

Shu Shi said, “I am grateful to Saint for his concern, but I am used to being alone ……”

“How can you do that?”

Cen Baihu said correctly, “Commander Shu is a person with Holy-grade perfect talent, the future hope of our sect, there must not be the slightest mistake!”

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“Yiren, I order you to guard Commander Shu strictly and always be on standby!”


Cen Yiren reluctantly replied.


The corners of Shu Shi’s mouth twitched.

Letting this violent maniac protect him?

What a joke!

Shu Shi frowned and said, “Saint Cen, shouldn’t you ask my opinion first?”

Cen Baihu came up to him and whispered, “I know that Commander Shu is reluctant, but Yiren has made a fuss about going out of the sect to check it out ……With her temper, she will definitely suffer a big loss.
Only by following you can I rest assured.”

Cen Baihu said helplessly, “I really can’t do anything, Her Majesty suddenly sent me to the frontier, I don’t know when and how long it will take to return.”

“You can think of this matter as me owing Commander Shu.”

“If she disobeys, you can teach her a lesson, no need to give me face!”

Cen Baihu’s heart was like a clear mirror.

With Shu Shi’s talent, Her Majesty would definitely organize an expert to protect him.

With that Cen Yiren’s safety would not be a problem, and it would be the perfect time for Shu Shi to grind her temper.

“But ……”

“It’s a deal, I’ll buy you a drink when we get back!”

Before Shu Shi could finish his sentence, Cen Baihu flew up and faded away as a shooting star.

The two were left staring at each other with wide eyes.

“Let’s go.”

Shu Shi sighed helplessly.

Ceng Yiren snorted, “Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I wanted to follow you, were it not for my father ……”

“Saint has said that you are ready to help me in any situation.”

“So, so what?”

“I ordered you to be quiet.”


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