wn as the mythical invincible of the Demon Extermination Division.

Now not only did she lose to the unknown Shu Shi, but she was also captured for days ……

“This is so embarrassing!”

Chen Qingluan covered her forehead, “They will definitely laugh at me!”

She hesitated outside the door for a long time before finally summoning the courage to tiptoe inside the Censor’s office, close to the wall.

But before she could take a few steps, a startled shout rang out behind her.

“Imperial Censor Chen?!”

Chen Qingluan moved stiffly and slowly turned around.

Only to see a deacon staring at her with an excited expression, “Imperial Censor Chen, you’ve returned?”

The corner of Chen Qingluan’s mouth twitched, “Tsk …...”

“What, Imperial Censor Chen has returned?!”

“Where is it?”

“Imperial Censor Chen has really returned!”

The crowd, startled by the voice, came into the courtyard and flocked around Chen Qingluan.

The atmosphere was noisy and frenzied for a while.

This is a great disgrace!

Chen Qingluan bowed her head in defeat, ready to face their ridicule.

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“Lord Chen is here!”

Somehow someone shouted, and the noisy crowd instantly fell silent.

The crowd retreated and parted ways as a middle-aged man with a slightly white beard slowly walked towards her.

Chen Wangchuan.

Commander of the Demon Extermination Division and Minister in charge of the Emperor’s Escort! 1

His Majesty had bestowed upon him the title of “Grand Master”!


Chen Qingluan lowered her head, “I am incapable ……”

“Qingluan, you have done well.”

Chen Wangchuan patted her shoulder, revealing a friendly smile.

Chen Qingluan froze.

This father of her had always been iron-faced, although she had been in the Demon Extermination Division for over ten years, she had never heard him praise her even once.

Now that she had failed, he was saying that she had done a good job?

She asked carefully, “This siege failed and I also lost …… Why don’t you criticize me?”

“Victory and defeat are common in the military.”

Chen Wangchuan shook his head, “What’s more, you are facing Shu Shi, it is already very good to be able to defend yourself.”

Chen Qingluan scratched her head, “Huh?”

“You still don’t know? That Demon Shu is a Holy-grade perfect talent, a super genius who has been hidden in the Demonic path for over ten years!”

Chen Wangchuan praised, “Of those who went to lay siege, only you managed to escape unscathed, as expected of my daughter!”

“As expected of Imperial Censor Chen!”

The crowd echoed.

Chen Qingluan’s eyes froze.

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That depraved kidnapper was actually a Holy-grade perfect talent!

Her cheeks burned slightly as she listened to the admiration of the people around her.

She knew in her own heart that there was no such thing as escaping unscathed, she was released by Shu Shi ……

She had even been carelessly flirted with by that man ……

When she thought of the vow she had made, Chen Qingluan’s eyes were filled with confusion.

Does this …… revenge still have a chance to be carried out?


Southwest Region, Fengsha City.

Looking at the sandy and dusty small town in front of him, Cen Yiren couldn’t help but frown.

“Didn’t you say that we were going to Tianqu Mountain? What’s the point of running to this shitty place?”

Shu Shi glanced at her, “You can go home if you don’t want to come.”

Cen Yiren said angrily, “Shu Shi, mind your manners, I’m your Senior Sister! How can you say that?!”

Shu Shi shrugged, “But West Saint himself gave his word that you are now only my bodyguard.”


“I command you to be quiet.”


“I order you not to look at me.”


“And not to show off your teeth.”

“Don’t, don’t be silly!”

1. Luan Yiwei (銮仪卫 )

The authority in charge of the emperor and empress’ carriages and ceremonies.
Luang Yiwei, headquartered in the southeast corner of the Forbidden City, was the division in charge of the emperor and empress’s carriage in the Qing Dynasty, which was set up in the central part of the palace.
The minister in charge of the Luan Yiwei was a first-class military attaché (equivalent to the director of the Central Security Bureau), his duties were very important, responsible for the emperor’s traveling regalia and its guarding.

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