and said with embarrassment and anger, “Don’t look, quickly turn around!”


Shu Shi turned around, still a little dizzy in front of his eyes.

This is too dangerous!

This is too dangerous, shameful and humiliating!

“Bastard, I will kill you!”

Ceng Yiren had just finished dressing when she pounced like a little leopard and bit Shu Shi’s arm fiercely.

Shu Shi’s face turned green.

“Senior Sister Cen, I’m here to save you!”

“You want to save me from taking a bath? Do you think I’ll drown to death?!”

“…… This is Tianyi Sect’s residence, someone just came to kill me!”

“I don’t believe it!”

Ceng Yiren continued to bite him hard and refused to let go.

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Shu Shi knew that he was wrong and didn’t want to use his spiritual power to hurt her, so the two of them just froze in a deadlock.

At that moment, there was the sound of messy footsteps outside the door.

“That demon Shu Shi is here!”

“Search room by room!”

“Be careful, he has accomplices!”

Before the two of them could react, a group of people had rushed into the room.

Chen Qingluan, who was dressed in green, was among them.


Seeing the strange appearance of the two people, the crowd of people stared wide-eyed and the atmosphere was silent and a little awkward.

Chen Qingluan’s eyes trembled slightly, “You both are really…..”

Shu Shi patted Ceng Yiren, “Let me go, people are coming.”

Cen Yiren let off him and reached out to wipe her mouth, her cheeks slightly flushed.

Chen Qingluan’s eyes were downcast, her emotions inexplicable.

A bearded old man pointed at Shu Shi and said angrily, “Shu Shi, did Hongdou die in your hands?”

“That’s right.”

Shu Shi did not deny it.

Chen Qingluan’s body trembled slightly.

“Demon, you will pay with your life!”

The aura of the long-bearded old man erupted, and the crowd behind him lit up with their Daoist aura.

Shu Shi’s face did not change as he sneered, “Try touching me? Believe it or not, if I die here, the entire Tianyi Sect will be wiped out and their bones will become like mountains!”

The bearded old man was trembling with anger, but his expression was clearly hesitant.

Shu Shi was a super genius of the Demonic path.

If he killed him in public, the Demon Empress would definitely not rest in peace.

When they thought of that existence, which had destroyed the Nine Regions region, those people were a little scared.

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Although Tianyi had a deep grudge with Demonic path, it didn’t mean that they were willing to endure Demon Empress’s wrath.

“Imperial Censor Chen, Shu Shi dared to commit murder in the city, you must give a statement on this matter!”

The bearded old man threw a hot potato at Chen Qingluan.

Linfeng City was under the control of the Imperial dynasty, and as the Censor of the Imperial Demon Extermination Division, Chen Qingluan was naturally obliged to maintain law and order in the city.

Chen Qingluan lowered her head.

She had just arrived in Linfeng City when she heard the news of Shu Shi’s appearance and rushed over without thinking.

She did not expect that when they met again, there would be a scene like this.

“Shu Shi, why are you killing people in the city?”

Chen Qingluan asked in a low voice.

Shu Shi said indifferently, “An Hongdou wants to kill me, should I just keep stand still?”


“You’re clearly coveting Hongdou’s beauty!”

“He’s after Senior An, but she’d rather die than follow his will, so this Demon got angry and killed her!”

“That makes sense, after all he is a demon!”

“Poor Senior Sister An.”

The crowd spoke accusingly.

They even made up explanations to make it make sense!

All of them present were Righteous people, so who would believe what a Demon said?

The bearded old man laughed coldly and said, “You said Hongdou wanted to kill you, do you have any proof?”

Faced with a thousand accusations, Shu Shi looked indifferent, “There is no evidence, it’s up to you to believe it or not.”

“Of course I don’t believe it ……”

“I believe it.”

Amidst everyone’s astonished gazes, Chen Qingluan raised her voice, “I believe what Shu Shi said.”

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