Shu Shi smiled and said, “Then why do you trust me?”

Chen Qingluan was speechless.

Just now, when she saw the way Shu Shi faced the accusations of the crowd but did not stand up for himself, she instinctively wanted to defend him.

“Although you were h*rny, you didn’t kill in doing so.
And An Hongdou is not good enough for you to do violence to her.”


Shu Shi laughed bitterly, “How am I h*rny?”

Chen Qingluan glanced at Cen Yiren and said coldly, “You know very well in your own heart, continue your SM activities with that Big Bear Sister.” 1

She said and walked out of the room shaking her shawl.

Cen Yiren was so angry that she rolled up her sleeves and shouted, “What are you two talking about? Who is she calling Big Bear Sister?”

Shu Shi rubbed his temple.

It seemed that he could not get rid of the lustful man label.

Cen Yiren grabbed his shoulders and looked at him with a suspicious expression, “What exactly is your relationship with Chen Qingluan? Why did she not even care about her own position for you?”

Chen Qingluan was the imperial censor of the Demon Extermination Division and was known to be cynical and ruthless.

Even if Shu Shi had more reasons, the fact that he had killed three people was an indisputable fact, but she left it at that?

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If he said there was no suspicious relationship between the two, she wouldn’t believe him.

Shu Shi said earnestly, “I guess she was impressed by my sincerity.”

“Sincerity? There is no one more evil in this world than you!”

Thinking of what had just happened, Cen Yiren gritted her teeth angrily.

She had actually been seen through by this man!

Shu Shi scratched his head, “It was an emergency, and I didn’t know you were in the bath ……”

“Your eyes are still staring so wide then!”

“…I can’t see them if I don’t open my eyes wide!”

“I, I’ll bite you to death!”


Next day.

Tianqu Mountain.

At the foot of the mountain, a crowd of cultivators gathered here.

The crowd was divided into two camps, with the Righteous people on one side and the Demonic people on the other; the two groups were clearly separated.

There were also scattered small groups of cultivators, all of whom had chosen to side with the Righteous path as well.

“I heard that this time Tianji Pavilion is also coming?”

“Of course, the Land of the Great Clouds is not far from here, so there’s definitely no reason to miss the opportunity.”

“Let’s hope it’s Fairy Zhan who comes, with such a prominent heavenly pride sitting here, I believe the demonic path will not dare to move.”

“It’s been a long time since I caught a glimpse of Fairy Zhan.”

“But this time, the Netherworld Rakshasa Sect has also come, and it is none other than the genius Holy-grade Perfect Shu Shi!”

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“Holy-grade perfect? Really!”

“That demon even committed a murder at the Spring Breeze Pavilion last night!”

Just as the crowd was discussing, a green-clothed figure swept in from afar.

“This is Imperial Censor Chen!”

Without seeing her appearance, one could tell her identity from her incomparable sword Qi alone.

Demon Extermination Division, Chen Qingluan!

Chen Qingluan fell from the air and quietly walked to the side, grasping her long sword with the appearance of a figure who should not be approached.

The people from the Righteous path looked excited.

Although she was from the palace, she was still considered the pride of the Righteous path, and with her presence, the people of the Demonic path would not dare to go wild!

Only the faces of the people from Tianyi were slightly different.

At this moment, the crowd suddenly moved.

“It’s Fairy Zhan!”

“Fairy Zhan is here!”

A Daoist Priestess wearing a moon-white Daoist robe was seen slowly stepping into the air.

Her expression was cool and her eyes were calm, as if the white moon was in the sky.

It was none other than Zhan Qingchen.

Upon seeing her, Chen Qingluan couldn’t help but smile.


“Qingluan? You’re here too!”

The two laughed and hugged, their beautiful and stunning looks reflecting each other so well that even the sunlight seemed to dim by a few degrees.

Given what Shu Shi did to Chen Qingluan when he kidnapped her, the impression of Shu Shi as an SM is now even stronger and unstoppable.

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