happy face, “I said, have you seen enough of this drama? If you don’t take action soon, I will complain to Her Majesty!”


The old man’s brows furrowed and he had a bad feeling in his heart.


A sharp screech sounded and the night curtain was instantly engulfed in raging flames!

A huge vermilion bird hung in the air, its body blazing with flames, just like the blazing sun in the sky!

The bearded old man’s knees became weak and he fell to the ground with a thud!

Seeing the divine bird in the air, his body trembled slightly and his eyes were filled with fear.

“Is that him?”

“Uncle Feng!”

Cen Yiren’s eyes lit up and he waved his hand vigorously in greeting.

The vermilion bird shook its wings and transformed into a single slender figure amidst the burning flames.

His position was just below after the throne of Demon Empress, South Saint, Feng Zhongque!

Feng Zhongque descended from the air and frowned at Shu Shi, “How did you know I was here?”

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“Just guessing.”

Shu Shi shrugged, “I’m the sect’s precious treasure, how could Her Majesty not send someone to protect me?”

Feng Zhongque was a little helpless.

This person is quite intelligent, even though I want to take this opportunity to see his strength ……

Shu Shi glanced at the old man, “I said, you can’t kill me, I have someone behind to protect me, do you understand?”

The bearded old man trembled.

This man actually had a Saint of the Demonic path personally protecting him?

Shu Shi didn’t bother looking at him, “Saint Feng, I’ll trouble you here, the two of us will go to the mountain first.”

Feng Zhongque nodded and said, “Alright, I can’t enter Tianqu Mountain, you two take care of yourselves.”

The Holy Emperor’s ban was no joke.

The Demon Empress could ignore it, but not Feng Zhongque.

As he watched the two enter the mountain, Feng Zhongque looked at the old man and said coldly, “Tomorrow, half a day from now, Tianyi Sect will become history.”

Half a day.

An indifferent response sounded in the air, “The Imperial Palace will not interfere, but don’t involve innocent people!”

It was the mysterious voice of the dragon and horse carriage.

The old man’s body trembled for a moment, his eyes filled with the ashes of deadly despair.


Feng Zhongque sneered, “No one in this world is innocent!”

With that, he stepped into the wind and left.


The old man’s body burst into flames all around him and turned into ashes in a miserable wail.

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A Late Stage of Nascent Soul Realm powerhouse simply disappeared into nothingness.

“Fool, does he think Shu Shi is that easy to kill?”

The mysterious voice sighed slightly, “To end the old and new hatreds, Tianyi Sect already touched the red line by provoking the Demon Empress’ wrath instead.”


Shu Shi and Cen Yiren meandered amongst the dense forest.

The beasts outside had all been lured by the cultivators who had entered the mountain first, and the two had an unobstructed journey.

Of course, this also meant that the closer they got to the interior, the more dangerous the situation became.

As she watched the trees fall and blood splatter around her, she couldn’t help but shiver as she witnessed the hell on earth.

Shu said amusedly, “Are you afraid? Didn’t you just have a lot of courage?”

Cen Yiren gulped, “Who said I was afraid?”

Although she had a fiery temperament, she rarely left the sect and had never seen such a tragic scene.

Shu Shi reached out and rubbed her hair, “Don’t worry, I will protect you.”

Cen Yiren’s body stiffened and she glared at him with a red face, “I don’t need your protection! Also, don’t touch my head, I’m not a puppy!”

“I’m not a puppy!” But her heart warmed as she said that, and the slight discomfort disappeared.

At that moment, a rang sounded in Shu Shi’s ears.

[Guest from Tianyi Sect, Wang Mu died, affected the next plot trend, gained 10 plot points].

Although Wang Mu was not killed by him, he died because of him, so he would still receive plot points.


At this moment, a hanging white-furred tiger stopped in front of the two of them, its red eyes staring at them deadly, its eyes full of greedy killing intent!

Shu Shi was just about to make a move when Cen Yiren had already rushed forward with his broadsword.

“What are you waiting for?”

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