with bursts of curses.


Ye Xiao was alone in the forest.

In his hand was a compass with a golden needle guiding the way.

This was the Spiritual Treasure Demon Seeker Compass, which could sense demonic beasts within a radius of tens of miles.

Coincidentally, he had learned that there were foreign treasures coming out of Tianqu Mountain, so he sneaked in before the Imperial Palace closed the mountain, relying on this demon-seeking disk to dodge all the way and surprisingly arrived deep in the dense forest without any bloodshed.

“Hmph, those guys should have just entered the mountain, right?”

“Tianqu Mountain is full of crises and beasts, how difficult is it to enter the depths?”

“By the time you guys got here, I had already left with my opportunity!”

Ye Xiao smiled with satisfaction.

He touched the scar on his chest and a trace of cynicism flashed in his eyes.

“Shu Shi!”

“When I get this ancient emperor’s inheritance, I will settle things with you properly!”

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At the beginning in Yulin City, Shu Shi had left a huge psychological shadow on him.

Especially the sword that pierced through his chest, which almost took his life!

“Holy-grade perfect genius?”

“So what!”

“I am the Son of Dao destined by the heavens, and one day you will be my stepping stone!”

Just then, the compass suddenly shook violently, almost slipping out of his hand as the golden needle spun for some time and pointed violently behind him!

Ye Xiao frowned, “What on earth is going on ……”

At this moment, he heard a thunderous and terrifying roar from behind.

His body stiffened and he slowly turned around to look.

He saw a group of people running wildly towards him, and behind them, amidst the smoke and dust, countless beasts rushed in like a tidal wave!


The compass fell to the ground.

Ye Xiao’s eyes froze and he gulped.


“I’ve been hiding for two days to avoid danger, who attracted the tide of beasts here!”

Ye Xiao’s eyes turned red as he turned around and scattered his feet, joining the troops fleeing for his life.


He didn’t know how long it took, but the roar gradually faded away.

Shu Shi released his footsteps and a burst of white vapor billowed from his body.

As the Heavenly Sutra continued to operate, his spiritual energy seemed endless, and he raged like a bulldozer all the way, arriving deep into the dense forest in just half an hour.

“There are too many beasts in this Tianqu Mountain, luckily I run fast.”

“You, can you drop me off now?”

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Cen Yiren’s faint voice sounded in his ears.


Shu Shi looked down.

Only to see Cen Yiren squeezed in his arms, and his hand ……


Shu Shi’s face turned red and he hurriedly released her, “Sorry, the situation is urgent, I didn’t think too much about it, I really didn’t mean to do it this time.”

No wonder she was so easy to grasp all the way!

The greater the mass, the greater the pulling force is, Newton didn’t deceive me!

Cen Yiren’s legs and feet were slightly limp, her cheeks were red as blood, and he whispered, “If you dare to do it again, I will cut off your hands!”

“That’s all?”

Shu Shi scratched his head.

She wasn’t angry?

That was not like her character.

The two of them continued to walk towards the place where the golden light was.

Cen Yiren followed him, her head lowered, not knowing what she was thinking.

Suddenly, Shu Shi’s footsteps stopped.

She almost bumped into him.

Dazed, she looked up and saw a huge stone monument not far in front of her, tens of meters high, with dense and mysterious inscriptions engraved on it.

The pillar of light that pierced through heaven and earth came from the monument.

And in the open space in front of the monument, several figures faced each other.

Two of them were dressed in white and one in green.

It was none other than Chen Qingluan and Zhan Qingchen!

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