t it was all a plot arrangement.
Under normal circumstances, Shu Shi would have liked this fairy.

But now the situation was different.

He was one of the Nether Demon Emperor’s men!

“If the master finds out about my relationship with Zhan Qingchen ……”

Thinking of the Demon Emperor’s character, Shu Shi couldn’t help but let out a cold sweat at his temples.

[The plot has changed.]

[Zhan Qingchen accepts the host’s confession, which affects the subsequent plot trend and gets 15 plot points.]

[The host please keep the good work.]

Keep the good work you say?

Shu Shi couldn’t help but want to cry.

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However this was the result, there was no point in regretting it now.

What he needed to do now was to recover from his injury and increase his strength.

The conversation with Zhan Qingchen earlier gave Shu Shi a total of 20 plot points.

Plot points could be used to purchase items

“Open system store.”

A dazzling page appeared in front of him.

There were all sorts of heavenly treasures there, weapons, and even supreme bones and ancient blood, but they were very expensive, and even the cheapest items cost dozens of plot points.

Not something he could afford right now.

Seemingly aware of his dissatisfaction, the system prompt sounded:

[The system opens the “blind box function”, and 10 points of plot value are drawn once to help the host pass the early stage smoothly.]

“Blind box?”

A prize pool popped up in front of Su Shi.

Inside there were several prize boxes shimmering in various colors.

According to the system, the prize pool will then be refreshed with different prizes such as feats, magic treasures, pills and a special prize that may appear.

The higher the quality of the prize, the lower the probability of its appearance.

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The probability of a special prize appearing was less than 1%.

Su Shi took a closer look and found that there was no difference between the boxes except for the difference in light.

“Let’s try this one.”

The gift box opened and a bright light flashed before his eyes.

It was a legend-ranked item!

[Special Prize: Holy Talent Perfect (with Essence Cleansing)]

“Seriously? This is a Holy Talent!!!”

Shu Shi was breathing heavily.

He knew what this prize meant.

In the Nine Realms Continent, cultivation was the priority.

Cultivators’ talents were divided into lower, middle, upper and super grades, as well as the legendary holy grade.

Su Shi’s previous talent was upper grade, which was already considered top among ordinary people, but was somewhat inadequate for top-tier heavenly talents.

One must know that Zhan Qingchen’s talent was Super Grade Perfect!

Her cultivation speed was one in a thousand compared to his, and she was able to crush Su Shi effortlessly.

What Su Shi drew now was a Holy Grade talent that only existed in legends.

And that was the Holy Talent Perfect!

Whether it was the speed of cultivation, the speed of perception, or the speed of recovery, they had all reached the pinnacle!

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