Being Her

Chapter 8: Being Together For The First Time.

In the evening, Becca and Louisa brought Ann a dress

Becca: Good evening Miss Sarah

Ann nodded

Louisa: Pls here is your dress

Louisa said as she placed the dress on the bed

Louisa: Sir. Kurt said get dressed

Ann: Go and tell him that Im not going to the Gala

Becca: But he said u should get dressed

Ann: Im not going

Kurt suddenly appeared

Kurt: What did u say now

Ann: I said Im not going to the Gala

Kurt: Get dressed right now or else I won let u go out of this house

Ann: Go ahead and do it, I don care

Kurt shouted at Ann

Kurt: Now hurry up and get dressed

Kurt said and left

Becca: Are u getting dressed

Ann: Hmmm

Becca: Well leave u to get dressed

Becca and Louisa left, Ann hurriedly got dressed and did some little makeup. Her dress was golden and sparkling, She then curled her hair and wore Golden high heels. She then took her White bag and went downstairs. Kurt saw her

Kurts mind: She looks so beautiful

Ann and Kurt went and sat in the car.

Anns mind: He looks so handsome and hot today

The driver was the one driving, Ann stared at Kurt but when Kurt looks at her, she looks out of the window. They reached the Gala place, People were taking a lot of pictures of them

Kurt: Smile!!

Kurt whispered to Anns ear

Anns mind: How does he expect me to smile after all Hes done to me

Ann gave a light smile. They then went inside the house which was beautifully decorated. A friend of Kurt came to them with his wife

Kurt: Good evening Mr. Charles

Mr. Charles: Good evening!!. Is this your wife

Kurt: Yes, Shes called Sarah

Mr. Charles: Can u come with me

Kurt: Sure

Mr. Charles and Kurt left

Brittany: Hi, i m Brittany

Ann: Nice to meet u

Some hours later, the music came on. Ann saw Kurt dancing with someone else instead of dancing with her, Brittany was also dancing with her husband. Ann went to get some . She drank four wine. Kurt couldn get his mind off Ann and kept staring at her

Kurts mind: Why can I seem to get her out of my mind

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