Being Her

Chapter 8: Being Together For The First Time.

Ann got up and felt pains

Ann: Ouch, it hurts so much. I don even know how many times he cummed into me

Ann was taking a shower when Louisa came

Louisa: Oh my God, what is that blood on the bed sheet

Ann: Its mine. I…..I got my menstruation today

Louisa: Sorry about that, Ill just change it

Louisa took the bedsheet and left

Ann: Thank Goodness

Ann finished bathing, she then changed into a red top and blue jeans. She went downstairs and saw Becca in the Kitchen

Becca: Good morning Miss Sarah

Ann: Good morning

Becca: Sir Kurt told me to give you some rice and soup for breakfast with some fruit salad

Anns mind: How did he know its my favorite or did I say it last night to him. I don think so

Ann sat down and started eating

Ann: Its really nice, I love it

Becca smiled

Becca: Ill leave you to eat. I have to go to the garden and water the flowers

Ann: Ok, after eating Ill also join you there

Becca nodded and left. At Kurts Company, Sam was with Kurt in his office

Kurt: I think Im starting to fall for Sarah

Sam: Im so happy that you
e now falling in love

Kurt: I accidentally had sex with her last night

Sam: You did what

Kurt: It was a mistake, we were all drank

Sam: Oh, I see

Kurt: Ill meet her today in the afternoon to apologise to her, I don know if shell even come

Sam: Of Course she will

Kurt: Shes a really tough girl so I hope she accept

The question is: Will Ann meet Kurt in the afternoon. Will Kurt also confess his love to Ann.

Well see on Being Her

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