Being Her

Chapter 10: Family Meeting

In the afternoon, Ann got dressed in a blue and white dress with a blue jacket because it was a little cold outside. She took her bag and went outside

Ann: Pls can u drive me to 5 star restaurant

Driver: OK madam, pls sit in the car

Ann sat in the car. The driver drove her to the 5 star restaurant and got up

Driver: Madam pls should I come and pick u up after you
e done

Ann: No, that won be needed but thanks

Driver: You
e welcome Madam

Ann went inside the restaurant and saw Kurt sited so she went to his table. Kurt got up and drew a seat for Ann. Ann sat down

Ann: Thanks

Anns mind: Looks like today hes being a gentleman

Kurt: Waiter!!

The waiter came

Waiter: Pls what would u like to order Miss and Mr

Kurt: What would I like to order Sarah

Ann: Anything youll have

Kurt: Well order two fried rice and chicken with salad. Well also order a lemon and chocolate cakes with two orange juice

Waiter: Ok, pls is that all

Kurt: Yes

The Waiter left

Kurt: Sarah, I called u here today because I wanted to say sorry for having sex with u. I don know what came over me

Anns mind: So he can now also say sorry

Ann: Kurt, its Ok. It was also my fault I force u to have sex with me cos I was drank

The Waiter came and served the food

Ann: Thank u

Kurt: Thanks

Ann: But u know youve really change

Kurt: Yeah, its all because of u

Ann: What did I do, I don remember doing anything

Kurt: Sarah!!

Kurt said as he held Sarahs hand

Ann: Yes!!

Kurt: I love you Sarah, pls lets start our relationship afresh again

Ann stared into Kurts face

Kurt: Please!!. I know Ive cruel to u but give me another chance Sarah

Ann didn know what to say

Ann: Kurt, I think you
e right, ill give u another chance

Kurt: I love u Sarah

Ann: I love u too Kurt

Kurt kissed Ann passionately, Ann also kissed him back

What will happen next on Being Her. Will Kurt and Anns love become more and more strong. Well see on Being Her

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