After contemplating for a while, Leo called Sam and When the call eventually connected, he immediately hears Sams voice in the background talking to her mother ” about being fired from her place of work.

But don worry mom I will try every possible way I can to get another job before the end of this month.

But Sam I thought your phone was ringing a while ago. what happen why didn you pick up the call, yes mom it was ringing, but I have canceled the call and I will call the person back later on.

my daughter, its not good to always end peoples call just like that, and most especially people you don even expect that they are going to call you it isn right at all.

Sam don get me wrong? what am trying to say is that the call could be an emergency, which could involve life and death.

And at that moment, the person is desperately in need of your help, Sam tells me if that person happened to die in the process who kills him ” of course the answer is you because you refuse to take his calls.

Mom the person that just called me now can never be in that kind of situation because he is very Rich and anybody who dares to raise a finger at him doesn valve his life.

and speaking of which? is just someone I recently met and we are not even close in terms of friendship, so I doubt that he will call me in terms of emergency.

Sam stop always claiming that you are right when am telling you something.

that poor guy might have called some of his others friends who belong in his own circle ” and who knows if they behave exactly the way you are doing now.

I mean who knows if they also refuse to pick up his calls as well, and let me tell you Samantha in this world that we live in nobody is above death. and why won he call you, are you not a human or can you save him in time trouble.

Alright, mom because of what you just said I will have to call him back right away.

when Leo heard Sam telling the mom that, she has drop his call and she will call him back later.

Leo immediately disconnected the call because he believe it was not good to intrude on peoples private discussions. he felt very bad for her when he heard her telling the mom that she was fired from where she was working.

was it because of of the incident that happened that day, but even if it happens to be the case who fired people these days just because they resume work late ” especially if they have a reliable reason for at least doing so.

Anyway, I will try to find out when I call her later, I will have to find out if it was because of her being late to work that simply make that horrible-looking face manager fire her.

let me even put a call to the manager to find out before I ask her.

As Leo was about to call the manager, Sam call immediately enter and he has no choice but to pick up her call, and then call the manager to find out later on.

when Leo pick the call he was confused because he didn know what to say to her or where to start the conversation, but he was relieved when she started the conversation instead of him.

hello, good day, Mr. Leo? hello, my angel how are doing today, am doing good, and you ” are doing perfectly okay.

Mr. Leo, please don be offended by the way I drop your call earlier when you call me.

I was having a little conversation with my mom when you call and so I was unable to pick up the call at that moment, and I hope you don mind.

not at all, I don mind so you don have to worry yourself. oh my God am so relieved I thought it was an emergency.

you sound like you have some horrible dream about me.

I hope this is not what am thinking, it can never be like what you are thinking ” so forget it.

”Sam haven we friends already, why are you asking that of course, we
e friends now.

then why are you making it sound like we are not friends yet?

what do you mean because I don get what you are trying to say, alright then let me tell you ”why don you want to address me as Leo instead of adding Mr. Leo while calling my name.

oh, that I didn notice I address you that way, but rest assured from now on ” it will be just Leo.

the reason I call you earlier is that my best friends birthday is coming up two weeks from now so I was wondering if you will do me the honor of coming to celebrate with us. Hmmm please, Sam is begging you don say no.

the problem is rich peoples parties required wearing expensive clothes and I don think I have the luxury for that. come on its just a birthday party, but don worry I will send you some dresses.

So tell me do we have a deal now alright I will be there ” alright I will be expecting you then.

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