Waking up to the sound of a non-stop alarm, the room was too highly illuminated that Samantha found it very difficult to open her eyes due to the brightness of the sun coming in directly into the room through the open window, oh OMG I forgot to close the window last night Sam lamented.

”oh my goodness her mother lamented. ” honey what happen you haven gone to work yet? good morning mum, morning darling how was your night? it was fine mum.

what happened Sam you look very dull? its nothing mum.

Sam don tell me its nothing just look at your face you don look okay. its nothing serious just I couldn fall asleep early last night, and I think thats the reason why I woke up so late today.

Don worry mum. ” I still have like thirty minutes before my resumption time, I have informed my manager that I will be coming in a little bit late today and he said no problem that I should take my time.

Okay honey if that is the case, hurry up and freshen up and then come down for breakfast, okay mum I will be fast about it and I will be down in a jiffy. Good morning sis, morning my little bro how was your night? it was fabulous and how was yours sister Samantha? it was hmmm okey.

sis but why did you say hmmm before answering my question, its a long story but you will not understand. ” sis you know

what there isn anything I wouldn understand,that is if you explain to me. alright then let me tell you about it if you insist, I couldn fall asleep on time last night. OMG sis sorry about that, I hope you are not feeling any kind of body pains or headache, I was having some headaches before but I have taken some medicine already! hey Little bro how did you know about that? it happens to me sometimes when Im unable to sleep well I experience headaches and body pains too.

So little bro tell me why aren prepared for school yet? and don tell me you aren going to school today because I wouldn take that for an answer. ” of course sis I will love to go to school today, but the problem is my headteacher said she doesn want to see me anywhere close to the school premises except my fees are paid, but how come you didn tell me about this?of course, big sis I told you about it, maybe it must have escaped my mind. ” oh my sweetheart Im so sorry about that okay, I promise you before this week runs out I will find a way to arrange for the money. I hope you are not angry with me because of that. ” of course not ” am not angry with you, I know that it isn easy for you too and am pretty much aware of what you are going through. thank you so for much understanding your big sis. my little bro has grown up.

hey, Sam eat so that you will run along and so they won ask you for the reason why it took you so long to get to the office. okay, mum, I will and you too Jackson stop talking nonstop and eat your food before it gets cold okay mum I will, and am sorry for talking too much today. ” there is no need for finish your meal so we can clean up the dishes.

Okay mum I think am ready to go now, ”love you mum ” Sam said kissing her mum on the cheek, I love you too dear, and then Hugs her brother love you jack, I love you more big sis. please take care of yourself so that you won get sick, yes and thanks I will,bye____ bye____bye see you later.

On getting to the bus station Sam couldn get a bus or even a cab on time, she was growing impatient, an hour passed and then two hours, oh my God! why are my legs shaking?did I stand for too long?oh my God let me find a place to sit down before I faint here. ” before she knew it three hours had passed, when she couldn bear it anymore, she started murmuring and then crying over her miserable life, sometimes I wish I could just sleep and never wake up. ” in fact I wish I will just die right now, what kind of situation is this? why have I been cursed since birth, because I know since that moment I was born, nothing good has happened but series of hardship, pains, struggle and suffering. why me God? please say something why does it have to be me? ” I am tired it suffocating ” Sam said sobbing.

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