”Sam ” was very sad about the situation she was in, but before she knew what was happening, a black lastest range over xuv was pack very close to where she was sitting. ”hi angel please stop crying and tell me what the problem is said Leonard. ”

Samatha was sitting down and she was looking down the floor while murmuring to her ” and then when she heard someone talking right in front of her Samatha races up to her face and she was shocked by what she saw ”, a very tall and handsome young man was standing in front of her stretching his hand out for a handshake hello pretty my name is Leonard but my friends call me Leo for short. ” it okay if you don want a handshake.

” Samatha wasn even concentrating! she was was busy checking the guys out, oh omg he is so handsome, sexy, and also very tall ”, my perfect type of guy!! when Leo was about to drop his hand, Samantha quickly rush and grab his hand and she unknowing said wow you are so handsome, Leo was shocked to hear that from a lady who was crying just a moment ago, and then he pretend not to have heard what she said, and then he responded with you say what. ”

Hmmm….. I mean my name is Samantha but my friends call me Sam and I am twenty-three years. ” Leo said oh sorry about that you shouldn have bothered about telling me your age, and now it wouldn be fair if I don tell you mine, Samantha replied oh no sir you don have to do that. ” Leo corrected don call me sir, my name is Leonard. ” okay Mr. Leo, better and anyway am Tweety six years.

Leo said nice to meet you Sam, nice to meet you too Mr. Leo reply Sam. so why were you crying, tell me what is the problem Leo asked out of concern. ” its nothing, Mr. Leo I am fine said, Samantha.

”Don be shy or scared about anything because I assure you I am not a bad guy, I wouldn harm you I swear said, Leo. oh no, you shouldn have done that ” I mean don like it when I hear people swearing said Samantha. oh sorry about that Leo apologize. no probs Samantha thinks the people that curses or swear a lot are liars. no probs Samantha replied with a smile. but promise me you will not laugh when I tell you about the reason why I was acting the way I did. I promise you my angel I will not laugh norn matter how hilarious your reason maybe.

The reason is I couldn sleep at my usual time last night, so that results in me waking up very late today samatha explain.

” that is pretty okay for anyone because many people do wake up late at times that including me myself said leo. ”

”But ” didn you call your office to inform them that something came up that you will be coming in late Leo ask.

”Yes I did call my office, but it was my manager I called, and I didn tell him I was going to take this long Sam explain. Leo, its okay since your office is aware of your predicament. ”

Sam ” no Mr. Leonard it isn okay because this guy am telling you about is someone who can just easily deduct half of the staff salary for no good reason . and the reason why am worried is because am supposed to resume work by eight oclock a.m but look at what the time said now.

Leonard: that is quite unfortunate ” you have taken like an extra four hours already. but still angel you have to cheer up. you know what even if he firess you am here to employ you ”Leo try to cheer up.

” Sam ”oh stop joking around with me. Leo of course am not joking? I mean what I just said hi. ”Sam ” okay fine but I just hope I don get fired. Leo alright, you wouldn get fired and I also want to let you know that no matter what happens in your life don you ever lose hope, because hope is the first and the last will of any man on this planet. thank you very much Leo what are you thanking me for ” I mean, I haven done anything for you. so tell me what are you thanking me for.

Leo, you have done beyond what any friend will do for any of his fellow friends. and even when we are yet to be friends. thank you so much for all your encouraging words, it is worth much more than a million dollars to me. you are welcome said Leo? so you make mention of us not being friends yet ” so my angel would you permit me to be your friend and also will you be my friend.

Sam ” coughing and scratching her neck, Leo ” oh OMG sorry Sam are you okay.

Sam ” yes am perfectly alright.

Leo ” then what was that all about or were you faking the whole thing.

Sam ” am sorry Leo I didn mean to do that, I didn expect that you will ask me to be your friend, so I was only surprised

Leo ” don tell me you are surprised just because of that, oh my God you amazed me.

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