Leo became a little upset and then he decided to ask her ” sam why are you surprised is it that nobody has ever asked you to be their friend before or what.

Sam answers him with so much seriousness ” no Leo it isn because of that, in, a fact I have friends, I wouldn even dare to give them mare title as friends because they
e more than just friends to me. there are worth more than words of gold.

Leo was quite surprised by the way Sam was busy praising her friends as if they are not like every other human on this planet. I am sorry to interrupt you Samantha but these friends you speak of are they, God. Sam was confused at the moment and she was out of words but because she is very smart she quickly says to him of course, that is not what I meant and besides nobody in this whole world can be compared with God. Leo was not satisfied with her explanation about her friends so he asked her what prompt her to say that her friends are worth more than gold because I don still get what you are trying to say.

what I meant by that is my friends are very precious to me and they are very supportive and encouraging ” they never for once look down on me or discriminate me best on the kind of background I came from. they still love and care for me even when I have nothing to offer in the cost of the friendship ” and I don think I will ever be able to have this kind of friends in my life ever again and if mistakenly I lose them.

Leo said to her ” Sam if you have this kind of friends then what is the reason you don want to be friends with me as well.

Sam said to him Mr. Leo the issue is that on just one glam anybody could tell that you are very rich ” just look at the kind of shoe you are wearing now, and then your clothes and to grant it all the type of car that you drive.

Leo was very surprised to hear what she just said and didn find it amazing at all ” and what does me being rich got to do with us being friends.

Sam was very delighted that Leo asked her this particular question ” thank you very much for asking me what is the reason we can be friends and I am sorry to say this and I know I have to say anyways I don like rich people ” and my friends are exceptional? and that is because there are very arrogant and rude.

they talk to us the middle-class family with so much disrespect and they look down on us as well and for that reason I hate them.

Leo said to her ” okay now I see where all your anger is coming from, So just because you met some rich fools and all those forever mannerless bastards ” hmmm so thats what gives you the enforcer to think that all rich people are the same.

Don judge me best on some stupid and brainless rich foes you might have had an encounter with ” because I Leo I can proudly hit my hand on my chest and tell you that am different.

Leo said to her ” Sam am not asking for anything else right now all am asking is for you to just give me a chance to prove my loyalty and I think that when you will know if I can be a true friend or not. and trust me you will find out I wasn only boasting to be different.

”Sam apologize to Leo ” I understand what you are trying to say Leo and for that, I owe you an apology. and will like to say I am very sorry about what I said earlier ”I mean judging you without even knowing who you are, I hope you will forgive me.

Leo said to her ” Sam relax because I have never for once in my life own l grudges against anyone before ” so my angel you are forgiven.

Sam said to him wow I am so blessed today and thank you so much for your understanding.

Leo replied by saying there is no problem so don mention my queen.

so tell me Sam where are you heading to? Sam was in deep thought unknowingly to her that Leo was asking her where she heading. ” Leo noticed that she wasn paying attention to him, then he had to touch her before she came back to her senses. I am so sorry what did you say ” Sam what is bothering you what up. you were in deep thought. its nothing I mean its just my work issue. Leo said to her sorry about that I also add to your problem instead of helping you out.

Sam ” you know thats not true, youve helped me a lot and no words can describe how helpful you are right now.

Leo ” okay I have heard you, so enough with all the drama and the appreciation and tell me where you are heading to.

Sam: am heading to the Oriental hotel, Leos answer is it is the one opposite DL restore.

Sam: yes, I mean yes thats where am heading to.

Leo ” wow what a coincidence, that is also where am going to.

please get into the car let me give you a lift.

Sam ”oh no am sorry I didn mean to trouble you.

Leo ”its nothing, I mean its always my pleasure to help those in need.

Sam ”thank you so much.

Leo ” you are welcome

Sam ”so you are also heading to the Oriental hotel.

Leo. ” am not heading to the Oriental hotel but am heading to DL restaurant but I might stop by to hi before leaving.

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