”Jenny ” okay fine but when did you arrive in the world of work in our country. Leo knows exactly what Jennifer was driving at, but he was not in the mood for any of her arguments so he just went straight to the point of I arrived last night.

”jenny ” so you came back last night and you couldn take even a single day to rest and relax your brain and now only God knows where you have gone to.

hey, babe relax am only out for some business purposes, don worry when am back I will come over to your place so that we can celebrate my return Leo assure.

Are you sure of what you are saying ” because I don want to hear am sorry I couldn make it or that something came up?

Does Daniel know that you are back in the country, yes jenny he knows about it and hes the one behind why I am out here this early morning? he asked me to come and see how things are going with the DL restaurants.

But why you ” he could have just asked his manager in charger over there to send him any necessary reports he needed via mail for him to just go through it. yes, jenny you are right but he has gotten those reports already, and the thing is that he was not impressed with those reports he was given and the thing is that the amount of money we make every month from this particular branch for the past years has been so good and also very encouraging, but all of a sudden he had a report that says that the company is not doing well.

I mean the money coming in now is not even close to half of what we are making before, so he asked me to go and find out what the root course of the situation is. okay no problem then, but make sure that you don forget your promise to me ” no love I will never do that so relax.

I prefer to forget every other thing but not about you, wow Leo you are so caring l love you, and also l miss you. I love you too sweetheart and I miss you so much as well.

Leo, I have something to tell you, okay jenny what its come on tell me!!

its about Daniel ”hey what happened to Daniel what about him, what is it tell me, its not something we can discuss over the phone, don worry when you come around I will give you the full details ” ok sure take care of yourself ok I will bye

okay bye.

wow Leo your girlfriend is one hell of a lady, oh you mean jenny shes not my girlfriend but she my very close friend ”

I mean she is my childhood friend. we

are three in number myself jenny and Daniel. ”

”Anyways anybody can just easily mistake us for that so am not surprised.

hey Leo I didn mean that, I didn mean to upset you.

Its okay I mean its fine being used to it already.

you don mean it ” so others people have been saying the same thing. yes, Sam others have been saying it too, some even mistake us for a newly wedded couple.

”you don mean it, of course, I do.

I wouldn be telling you this if it wasn true.

Sam laughed so uncontrollably, hey Sam why are you laughing, and what is funny.

”am so sorry I didn mean to laugh, but it was somehow fun for me. but am sorry to ask you doesn marry couples wear wedding Marching Rings ” of course they do and why do you ask.

”But how come that those people calling you guys married couples never bother to check you guys figures for the Ring, before jumping into a conclusion.

”What about you calling her my girlfriend ” Are there any differences.

”I didn mean that way.

okay fine how did you mean it then, I mean when I heard her yelling at you on the phone my first instinct was either she was your sister or your girlfriend ” so when the conversation between you two went on and on the way she spoke to you and the way you reply her makes me change my mind and the opinion of her being your sister.

And I hope you understand me now.

hey, babe relax I wasn going to scold you nor yell at you.

”so you don have to be so serious.

okay fine now you know she, is not my girlfriend so lets forget every other thing and move on.

Sam ”wow we are almost to our destination.

Leo ”wow you are right, sorry to bother you again but can I have your number.

Sam ” sure why not.

Leo ” okay here is my phone, alright here is my number please save it.

”Yes I will but what name should I save is it the crying baby or my angel ” Sam is fine by me so just save as Sam.

” I Insist so I will save it as my angel, but Leo I don want to get into any fight with your girlfriend so please save it with my name.

who told you I have a girlfriend.

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