”Leo ” Who told you I have a girlfriend? How can a handsome adonis like you not have a girlfriend? I mean look at you!!! you got everything!! sam said with all seriousness. I mean any handsome guy like you will have girlfriends.

”Wow! so you mean to say you know all the guys in your neighborhood, isn it? Leo asked inquisitively so tell me about the guys how do they look? are they handsome or ugly?

”see Leo I never said I knew all the guys in my area okay. Then what?Leo!!

”what I meant to say is any young guy above the age of eighteen always has girlfriends you know the world is changing, Im saying these from experience that is if you wish to know.sam explained clearly.

”wow so you mean to tell me now that you are a guy, isn it? Leo asked teasingly

hey Leo you know what I mean so stop claiming ignorant.

With all honesty my lady I don know what you mean, and you just said you are telling me from experience how will I know I don read minds you know ” Leo said ” still pretending not to know what she was driving at.

” Sam ” what I mean to say is according to my research ”Leo, oh wow you didn tell me you
e a scientist, and what do your research on? male anatomy? Leo said smiling

” sam ” for your information I am not a scientist nor do I wish to be one, the whole idea of science makes my brain go haywire

”And again I don just make research, I make research on things that pick my interest.sam answered realizing he was pulling her legs.

” Sam apologizes ”And am sorry for my wrong assumption of you having a girlfriend and that is if you don .

”okay fine apologies accepted, and just for a reminder, I don have a girlfriend! in case you have any intention of falling for me Leo said grinning.

”hey, Leo!! what are you saying? why will I fall for you,? we just met and I don know anything about you and you
e talking about falling in love.

”Okay, fine understood you mean to say when you know me better you will fall for me right? I can wait for that day to come. Leo said dramatically

”hey, Leo! that Will never happen okay and even if you wish for it, ”I repeat it will never happen. sam said with a sullen expression

Why do you say that ” is it because am not handsome enough or am not your ideal type of a guy?

” Leo you know thats not what I mean and please let me change this conversation because am not comfortable with where this is heading to.

”Leo ” hey Sam don tell me you
e angry with me because I was only joking with you. please don take it to heart, my angel.

okay am sorry, please cheer up, for now, I promise I will not say anything that will make you angry.

smile for me now, okay fine thats my girl. we are here already. ”Sam ” Yes you are right please drop me here, but why here let me drop you Infront of your office!! please here is fine. but you haven told me the reason why you want me to drop you in this place.

okay fine if you want to know I don want any of my colleagues to start spreading rumors about me, I hope you understand what I mean. yes, I do I get what you are trying to say. alright see you later my angel alright Leo bye….. please take care of yourself alright you too.

”Oriental hotel here I come Sam exclaims loudly.on getting to the receptionists desk one of her colleagues ran to her and instead of greeting her, she started mourning her name.

Samantha, why are you just coming to work now? oh, or did you have any emergency I mean like your mother falling dead all of a sudden or was it your little cat, oh I mean your brother. Sandra see don you ever in your life, I mean don you ever in your impossible life say something so evil against my family because if you do I swear you will not like what I will do to you. so what if I still say it what will you do, tell me now what will you do bitchs stupid loser. hey Sandra what did you just say just now, did I say something or did you hear anything, I think I hear something but not clearly. Samantha heard what Sandra said very clearly, but she is just looking for a way to make her repeat what she said earlier so that she can use the opportunity and deal with her. we are standing very close to each other, I mean anyone can easily tell the distance between us, and you claim that I said something and you couldn hear what I said. am serious here Sandra. Sandra hey stop screaming my name like that!! I mean like all these local fowl. when you want to call my name call it like an English collar.it should be pronounced like this Sa— dra please take notes in case of next time. and for your information, if you couldn hear what I said then it simply means that I was not fuc** ” g talking to you ” so stop trying to get words from my mouth you little slots.

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