so stop trying to get words from my mouth you stupid fool. Sandra sees let me tell you something I will not blame you for any of all this rubbish you are doing, and guess why I said so!! its because any child growing up starting from infancy even till the adult stage who has no single home training or even a single parental love will behave exactly the way you are behaving right now. The words she said to Sandra made her very upset.

what did you just say to me Samantha, how dare you said that to me! Sandra grab Sam by the hair and started making a sin. hey, Sandra let go of my hair right now and stop all this drama you are acting on because it doesn suit you.

and I was only trying to tell you the reality of life, before Sam even managed to bring out the last words she was going to say out of her mouth, she was mouth shut by a very angry and heavy slap that she almost cry unknowing but she still tries her best not to bring out tears and when she came back to her senses she retaliates. she gave Sandra two strong and heavy slaps in return and Sandra move three steps backward due to the kind of force and aggression that she used while retaliating.

it was after she slap her back that she knew what was going on because she hardly fights back when people bully her or even abuse her, instead she will just try her best to avoid them just for peace to rent. Sandra went crazy all over the place because she didn expect that Sam will retaliate back when she slap her.

she was surprised and shocked at the same time, she started shouting and screaming how dare you mock my parental love and as well my upbringing, I will deal with you, how dare you mock my situation.

Sandra still rushes and holds her by the neck and pushes her to the wool .when people hear the nosy commotion those who were upstairs immediately rushed down to see what was happening, those who were down were out before any other person and they all glimpsed at what happened. I will kill you today you bitch, so you dare to mock my living hood I will not spare you! I swear in my ancestors I will not spare you.

” Hey Sam what is happening here and Sandra why are you holding her like that, I hope there is no problem. ” sam replied no Angela there is no problem, we had a little misunderstanding and I can handle it. I am not saying that you will be able to handle the issue, but there is so many eyes witness about this matter now. so tell me how will you be able to handle it.

” sam ”Is just for us to convince those that have seen what happens, that its not something serious, but just a little misunderstanding just like I have told you earlier. Angela okay fine lets say you manage to convince those people and they believe you, what about Sandra will she allow the issue to slide.

I don think so she will personally go and report you to the manager and she will lie to him that you assaulted her for no reason. and what will you do then, or will you still lie to the manager just to cover up by saying it was just a misunderstanding. and don forget that if my assumption is right, she happens to report you, and then the manager calls you, don even try to lie about it.

”Do you know why I said that, its because before the manager will summons you, he must have already called two or three of our colleagues to ask if what Sandra said is true and if they refill the truth all the blame will be shite to your head? and before I forget the manager has been very, very angry with you earlier this morning and I don know what you might have done to make him so angry. so if this issue is reported to him that will add to his already frustration and you know what that means, he will fire you.

”Sam ” Please Angela I use the of God to beg you don say that again ” because whenever people say bad things about me it always happens and I don know why. and besides, why will he do that is it because I fail to come at my resumption time today. ”

even he comes to work late at the time. every other person comes late to this office something, and he has no right also ever to fire me in this place.

”Angela ” See Sam you have to calm down, no Angela don tell me to calm down! why would anyone want to fire me for no good reason? hey don allow your emotions to rule over you Sam and instead of my sister please rule over your emotions with all your might also you have to control yourself.

”Samantha ” so tell me Angela what if it happens what do you think I should do, ”Angela ” hey Sam don be scared whatever happens. see whatever happens just tell him the truth and apologize, ” tell him that it will never happen again and then everything will be solved.

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