”Sam: you think he will free me just like that!! Angela:yes of course I believe he will let you off this time. you know what Sam you have to believe in yourself and also you have to always think positively ” Angela said trying to cheer her up.

Sam: thank you so much Angela for always being there for me, even when am wrong you have never judged nor said any mean words that would hurt me, Im so lucky to have you on my side

” Angela: no Sam you don have to thank me for anything, though I know I have been very supportive of you, I only did that because I believe that is what friends are meant to do for each other. Sam: but even if you don want me to thank you I still want to do it, because if I don it will make me feel like an ingrate.

”Angela: okay fine if you still insist on it, you are welcome Sam I see you as my friend and also like my sister so I accept your gratitude, and thank you too for always heeding my advice.

” Sam: so Angela tell me is the manager in his office right now sam asked. ” Angela: no he is not in the office at the moment, he stepped out a while ago ” but he asked me to tell you to report to his office immediately you resume work.

” Sam:Okay thank you for telling me, you are welcome. I will report to his office immediately after he returns. ”Angela:alright, then and one more thing please try as much as possible to avoid Sandra! okay, sure I will.

” when Leo got to the restaurant the workers were shocked to see him, most especially the manager in charge of the restaurant. hi, Leo whats up!! I wasn expecting to see you this soon.

first and foremost Darlington Im fine and am here for business, that reminds me! but Leo I thought they said that you are out of the country, so how come you are here. hey, Mr. Darlington stops asking me unnecessary questions. ”

”immediately you saw me your first instinct is supposed to be that am back in the country. I notice you look so disturbed immediately you saw me. hey, Leo stop talking nonsense! why would I be scared Darlington replied?

”Leo: okay fine if you say you
e not scared then I believe you, but Im only saying what I saw. ”Darlington: what you saw was wrong, I was only surprised when I saw you! that is because two days ago I heard that you were not still back in the country. ” and you took me by surprise, you could have at least called to give me head ups that you were coming.

”Leo: okay fine, you
e right about that! but Im sorry to tell you it isn all the time that I will have to give you headstand or head ups or whatever you call it I don care.

”Wait a second! how did you know that I wasn back two days ago?don tell me you now spying on me ” Darlington said Im not spying on you Leo ” so relax and I have nothing to gain in doing that. how I got to know about your unknown return travel was through Daniel, and it was when I sent him the report on the company accounting record.

” When I send Daniel the reports he was very shocked and at the same time very angry because the company sales have gone down, that is when he said that I should better sit up and find a lasting solution to the situation at the hand ” in the company until you returned. Darlington explained.

”Leo: Hmmm is that so? okay fine I understand but lets put that aside for now, Im back now so tell me how is my girlfriend doing. Darlington ” which girlfriend are you talking about ” if you don mind me asking. and that is because you have never brought to my notice that you have a girlfriend; Darlington inquired confused.

”Leo: of course, thats not true, because I did and I usually ask you about her sometimes. ”Darlington: like seriously but I can seem to recall ” so Im very sorry to disappoint you. Darlington apologized feeling guilty okay fine I will tell you so stop playing dumb with me; said, Leo.

Alright then so who is the person Darlington asked with a confused look. ”Leo ” the person am talking about is your sweetheart.

”Darlington:What! Leo! my wife are you mad or have you gone crazy. why would you call my wife your girlfriend?

”Leo: Because she is my friends wife, so my friends wife is also my friend and as a young lady she is ” I admire her a lot. Leo saíd pulling Darlingtons legs

”if you didn marry her before I got to know her I would have convinced her to marry me instead of you.

”Leo! mind your choice of words, how could you say this to your friend? Darlington said sulking.

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