”Leo: Darlington you have to calm down! don tell me to calm down. don tell me that guy okay put yourself in my shoes. ” if the table was turned and I was the one that said all these about your fiancee or even your wife, would you still be at peace and ease about it; Darlington is so angry.

”Leo: the guy you have to calm down why are you getting all worked up to let me explain myself

I didn mean what I said about your wife I was only joking with you.

so the guy you have to man up? I can never betray you because of a woman and not for anything in this world. I hope you get my point now.

”Darlington: but Leo you shocked me like seriously. I thought that you meant all that you said. ” it is because you said it with all seriousness. ” Leo yes I know I did that but bro ” don reason it that way. now youve explained I understand you wholly Darlington Replied.

”Leo: okay fine then so please can we discuss the purpose of my visit here today. of course we can, so tell me what would you like to know. Tell me what is our sales target for every month?

our expected target every month is a hundred percent or at least seventy to eighty percent every month Darlington replied

” then what happened? There has been a huge decline in our monthly income Leo asked while scratching his beards.

Leo what happened is beyond me, I can place my fingers on what the actual problem is Im as confused as you
e Darlington answered.

”Darlington: and what we are making currently is not up to that percentage. ” Leo ” then be specific about how many percent you people are making in total every week, I mean we count days to get weeks and then definitely we count weeks to get months Leo questioned.

”Yes, Leo I agree with you ” you are right about that and then the percentage we make every week is only thirteen percent Darlington explained.

”Leo: that is so bad, and if we are to put everything together thats just approximately fifty percent a month.

”Its so **ing bad, and the worst part of it is that we are paying all of our staff from this same fifty percent.

And then what does the company stand to gain after paying all of the workers, of course, nothing. the company stands to gain absolutely nothing. and for every business, profit is always the sole aim of business in this world.

”That simply means that as the manager and as the one in charge you are not doing your job here. I mean like seriously you are not doing what you are put in charge to do here.

”Darlington: Leo to be honest with you ” I don like the way you are talking to me concerning this issue. ”I mean I don like your intonation you sound so harsh and rude towards me and for no sensible reason. or do you think have not been trying my best concerning this matter. let me tell you something I have been working very hard in fact, have been working extra hard since this company started having this issue.

” I have been putting all my efforts and strength into this company and sometimes I even go home very late because I want things to go back to normal in this company. And to tell you the truth, if not for that I stood my ground and put in a lot of effort in this company things would have gone worse than it is already been in this company.

”hey Darlington calm down let me tell you something, Im not saying you are not working hard in this company. ” of course, you are working hard ” but your efforts are not enough; Leo cautions him.

”Did you listen to what you just said; telling me that if not for all your efforts and hard work the companys outcome would have been far worse than these? How could you tell me such a thing? ” imagine and you are so proud to say it.

”Don you know you are put in charge here for a particular purpose. ” this is the time for you to showcase what your position stands for in this establishment.

” You are here to find solutions to any problem that this company has to undergo.

when things are not going well, you need to find where the faults are coming from and not give excuses come on.

”And you have to always talk and interact with all your staff and then you try to find out if they are happy with their work here, because if they are not happy that too ” could be a contributing factor to the failure of this company.

”That reminds me I have to talk to all of the staff here? please do me the honor of gathering all of them together so that I can find out where the issue or the problem is coming from.

”There is no need for that Darlington answered! and why do you say that? Leo responded. That is because I have already questioned every one of them, and what was their response Leo inquired.

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