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We enjoyed a lovely meal as the sun started to rise. Had I known we took an hour with the tour, Id have skipped the detour. Though it was quite fun, a sense of slight discomfort has been following me since I let Hao (Wu) leave alive. I shall kill him the day the Shensheng family depart.

Anyways, its still quite a shock – grandmother coming out of her room. The old coot was always bedridden, so I assumed she would be unable to make it. Alas, the wells of fortune have dried up. Not even the servants (handsomes) body was discovered. I shall lead the princess to the well, while giving her my our.

”grandmother! I am so glad you could make it! I was afraid you could not great the imperial family. ”

”oh, my sweet Pangzi, your future wife is visiting you today, so how could I dare to miss seeing her. And honestly, Im a little disappointed.

Oh no… why did granny have to say this, even though its the turth. The useless king is no doubt, going to start a fight.

”when I heard you were marrying into the Shensheng family, I thought you would be marrying the crown princess! The smart and beautiful one, like you deserve! Then they send this whore, saying shes the crown princess! Disgusting! ” she said, spitting at the princess who barely dodged.

If I were to say anything, my head would be gone in a second, no questions asked. Granny, on the other hand, was able say all she and I wanted to say and blame it on her aging mind.

”wu wu wu wu~ ” cried the king. ”Im sorry, Im sorry! I thought you were okay with this bastard! ” he said pathetically.

”Ill send over the real crown princess, wu wu wu~ ”

What a baby…

”what a baby! If you
e a real man, stop crying and get shit together! Unless you want me to get mommy to wipe it for you?! ” snarled granny, whose baseless accusation (of the princess being a whore) turned out to be true.

Way to go, granny. This is why I love you.

~12 years ago~

”come here, little Pangzi! Come to granny. ” called out a sweet woman. ”I know my son has been a shit head since your mother died, and how hes been loving that bastard brother of yours, so let me keep you company. ” she cooed.

(basically, Pangzis mother, the original wife, died in childbirth. Then Pangzis stepmother dies having Shuaiqi, who granny does not like, but his father loves. Pangzis too young to remember much, so he thinks Shuaiqis biological mother is also his biological mother)

”ok granny! ” he shouted.

The fragile old lady was in a wheelchair and resting her feet on a little green chair. That green chair she rested her feet on, was Pangzis only memorable moment is childhood. He loved the chair. He loved his granny.

Occasionally, he would sit on the chair, and granny would rest her feet on his legs. Other times, she would rest her legs on the chair, and he would sit on her legs.

Despite thinking many times if her legs would snap in half, it never did. When she said it was fine, he was completely reassured and never hesitated to sit on her legs. That was just the level of trust he had in her.

His mothers side grandmother, however, his did not like one bit. Sure, she let him play with old metal beams, but that was it.


”its fine, granny. Im they didn do it on purpose, right? ” he looked at them with hostility.

”ha.. ha… yes, a mistake. We made a huge mistake! Haha, sorry, commander, can you forgive us? ”

”of course I can! ”

The useless king hurriedly thanked father and ran back to his gorgeous carriage, dragging along the whore who had tears in her eyes. She, no doubt, was going to face a future worse than death. Thoguh its not my problem.

”thank you, granny. ” I said genuinely.

”no problem. If any bitches come to your feet, you either kill them or leave it to me. ” she said, returning my smile.

”haha. Just don expect too much work. After I made quick work of the first suitor, the remaining just ran to whatever backwater shit hole they crawled out of! ” I said maliciously.

”haha, thats my grandson right there, I tell ya! ”

”you two psychopaths! THAT WAS THE ROYAL FAMILY! Do you not know what you have even done?! ”

”I just got my grandson the REAL crown princess. ” she declared.

”granny used to be part of the special order in the empire, right? ” I asked. ”can you tell me what happens to people who imitate royalty. ”

”we normally gut and skin em. Ive got a bunch of rugs, though your father has confiscated them. ”

Don they rot? Sometimes, I wonder what sort of black magic granny uses to get things done *sighs*.

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