In a small room with dim lighting, a young man is being slapped multiple times by his stocky fellow. The slap is very hard, causing the young mans lips to tear. Blood is poured from the torn lips. However the stocky man is still eager to make him suffer, by beating him again, thus let the young man lose his balance and then fall to the ground.

”Actually its still not enough for you, you loser Lismesan! So don lie down like a lump of filth, it really makes me sick. Get up! ”

The stocky man kicks his bullied fellow. Trying to ignore the pain he suffers, the young Lismesan man whose posture is much smaller than the stocky Jupitune man who bullies him now supports himself with great difficulty, then changes his position to kneel on all fours like a dog.

”We have entered into this agreement, how dare you make a dispute right now! Sh*t, all words coming from the Lismesan people are all no more than a lie! But why they send such person like you to attend this crucial operation… sh*t! ” The Jupitune man groans.

Clenching his teeth against the pain, the young Lismesa man bits his lip in silence.

The stocky Jupitune man then spits, his splatter of saliva falls right on top of the young mans head. And besides, it also splashes onto a laser pen which is still displaying the electric screen in the air, while the Lismesa man continues to observe it with a stiff expression like a statue.

”Project of Chrono Organization: Sapphire Genocide Project ”


Do you believe that, beyond this Planet Earth, even beyond this Milky Way Galaxy, another life on a remote, unknown planet is existing?

And do you believe that, the kind of life on this unknown planet is not much different from our Planet Earth?

There is land and sea on that planet. As well as the sky and the soil. The planet possesses a very enchanting natural world, just like Planet Earth. There are mountains, lakes, rivers, valleys, forests, deserts, beaches, meadows, ice plains, and so on. The seasons always change from spring to summer to fall and finally to winter, then turn back to spring. Day and night comes and goes. Sunshine, rain, fog, rainbow, wind and other changes in the weather do exist. Besides, this planet is inhabited by the same creatures the Planet Earth also owns – plants, animals, and humans. In short, everything in here is almost exactly the same as the condition in Planet Earth.

But of course, it will not be 100 percent identical. We assume that a mirror will always reflect the same motion of a creature, but actually, the motion it reflects is different, since the actual left and right is reversed with left and right in the mirror. Another example is the twin, we can always find the difference in them, at least in their respective nature.

When it comes to the difference, the human beings who live in this planet have the difference in the matter of race. Neptune people – Neptunians, with eyes in shades of orange, the girls have pink hair and the boys have violet hair. Jupiter people – Jupiterians, with their red hair and bright yellow eyes. Saturn people – Saturnians, whose hair is in a color range of shades of blue, and eyes is indigo or dark purple color. And Ralara people – Ralarans, with their grey hair and black-color eyes.

The people of Neptune and Jupiter races have similar facial and body postures, so that people in this planet make the term Jupitune – the Jupitunese, for the merge of both races. Meanwhile, Saturn people have similarities with other people from their nearby countries, such as Callisto, Io, Ganymede, and so on, the whole planet then call all of them as Lismesa people – the Lismesan.

The countries existing on this planet are also different from Planet Earth, and it is the same with the provinces, the districts, the cities, the street names, and so on. It leads to the difference in the system of government and politics, makes it not the same as Planet Earth. Likewise, the political elite organizations and the upper class institutions formed are also different. There are several continents on this planet, such as the Ice Continent, the Nature Continent, and the Essence Continent. Jupiter is located in the Nature Continent, Neptune is located in the Ice Continent, and Saturn is located in the Essence Continent. Pluto is a unique country which located in both the Nature Continent as well as the Ice Continent, only Pluto who has qualifications that other countries don have.

In technology, the Planet is more advanced than Planet Earth. Some matters, like fashion, or some systems of health management or medical appliances, are still the same with the Earth, but the different matters are much more than the same ones.

However, some problems and disasters emerged on this planet are similar with the problems and disasters faced by the humanbeings on Planet Earth. For instance, the uncontrolled spread of disease, which can harm people by letting them seriously ill. And those issues also exist – political conspiracies, even discriminations, victimization, and even wars between ethnic groups and among the countries. Which can easily transform a situation, from safe and peaceful, to a warfare full of wounds and deaths, and cries and screams of suffering.

Then. The most crucial things. The mind and soul possessed by the people on the planet, are exactly the same as the humans of the Planet Earth possess. Happiness, sadness, joy, sorrow, anger, anxiety, panic, frustration, disappointment, hatred, resentment – and love. As well as, the desire for long and healthy life, fear of getting sick and infected with serious illnesses; the vanity of owning higher status, wealth, power, and privileges; racial discrimination, hatred between ethnic groups, confusion about their respective blood, ethnocentrism, and patriotism.

All of these kinds of emotions, are exactly the same with the emotions felt by the people from Planet Earth.

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