The sun shines brightly over the city of Sapphire, its bright rays is occasionally blocked by the thick clouds which appeared on a winter morning in the middle of the Second Month. Winter always brings more chill for the residents living in one of the largest cities on Pluto Country, especially since it is located quite far from the sea. This chilly winter is pushover for Pluto residents, yet it becomes a quite hard struggle for those who come from other continents.

In one of the houses in a cyber mansion, Daphne Yalle tucks her ultra-cyber pad and laser pen into her pants pocket. Daphne Yalle is an enchanting twenty-three year old Pluto girl. Her taffy-pink hair is slightly wavy and it flowed down her back. Her nose is dainty. Her lips are plump, blossom soft. Her body is slim, lined, but not too thin. Her skin is delicate, as white and smooth as fine silk. However, maybe the most alluring among her enchanting beauty is her tiger-orange eyes; not only they are round and beautiful, more than that, they have an enticing, strong allure that would captivate the men to get interested in exploring to its deepest underspace. They are filled with mysteries – the mysteries which are enticing and fascinating to be explored. Perhaps, it is that part of Daphnes body which can make every man who looks at her, will quickly fall in love with her.

Daphne is studying at a Sapphire Medical University, aiming to get medical degree. Now she is at the final year of her study. However, recently Pathogen Fuxa is sweeping across the planet with great ferocity it then forces most of the schools change their system to be online, with the students are learning more from home and only once or twice they go to school and study offline. Moreover, there were bad rumors that Neptune would soon attack her country. Most people in Sapphire city ignore the news, because the upheaval occurring between Neptune and their country does not just happen in one or two days, but nothing bad happened so far. Many people have fled from Pluto, including her fellowmen, Neptunian-Plutonians, who have fled to other countries – another reason for this is because of the polemic of ethnic discrimination that has been rampant for too long and make them suffer a lot for it. But Daphnes family has no home anywhere other than this house in Sapphire, and Daphne herself has never experienced such ethnic discrimination in person. Daphne lives only with her mother. They are from the middle class background, not too rich but not too poor, and they are happy with their lives right now.

*) Neptunian-Plutonians = people who are born as Neptunian ethnic (the descends from Neptune Country), but holds citizenships as Pluto people.

”Daphne, come here! The breakfast is ready! ” Her mother calls from dining room.

”Yes, Mom! ” Daphne gets up from her seat, then made her way into the dining room.

A distinctive, appetizing aroma soon fills her nose as soon as Daphne steps into the dining-room. Her mother is setting Licorice and Saffron Toast, and Peanut Snacks on the table.

”Wow, Mom, you are the best. You know what I want! ” Daphne says cheerfully. She quickly takes a piece of Licorice and Saffron Toast, and chews it.

Mrs. Yalle, Daphnes mother, is a woman in her mid-fifties. Having slightly curly carmile pink hair, the middle-aged woman has a face with pleasant aura, and she appears to love her only daughter so much. Now, she smiles happily at Daphne who is eating her breakfast.

”Today is your first day in the hospital, as you will do your internship, so you have to eat nutritious food. ” Mrs. Yalle replied with a smile.

Daphne takes a chair and sits on it. ”Thats right. This is the moment Ive been waiting for so long! ”

”But, don study so hard, okay? You have to maintain the balance between study and relax, moreover, you
e on a diet right now. ”

”You know, every student at the university cares so much about good looks. Before, we study more online so good looks is not so important, but now we do internship personally in the hospital. Thats why I can lose to them.

”Gosh, actually what kind of job do you want to do, doctor or artist? You should eat properly so that you can have your brain do its best on studying. Remember your Daddys words; Seventy percent of the brain needs glucose in order to think well. ”

”Alright, alright! ” Daphne puts down her half portion of Licorice and Saffron Toast, then rises out of her seat then headed for the main door. ”Im done. Ill take my leave. ”

”Oh my, here she leaves her food again. Kids nowadays, most of them watch movies with barbie-bodied artists so they
e obsessed with dieting. ” Mrs. Yalle can only shake her head as Daphne disappears from the dining room.

True, this is the day Daphne has been waiting for all this time. So far, she just learned without doing anything instead of watching the doctors and other healthcare workers doing their jobs, especially when the spread of the Fuxa pathogen reaches its peak and most of the classes is taught online. But now, everything is different. She is going to be the real healthcare worker – the doctor, and treats patients in person. How can she not be happy about it?

Arriving at the hospital, the Advisor does not immediately take the interns on duty, but gives them an exam first. The aim of the exam is to measure the students readiness for internships. Most of the interns do not expect that the Advisor will give them examination, they immediately screamed in horror. Daphne, on the other side, calmly looks at the questions displayed on the Electric Screen in front of the class, then begins to write down the answers on her ultra-cyber pad.

Those who only observes from the surface will quickly assume that Daphne is a cheerful and easy-going girl and has no difference with other ordinary youths. But in fact, in some ways, Daphne can be extremely serious. Just like when she is taking the exam in this moment. Because Daphne is very passionate about medicine, as a kid she always dreams of becoming a doctor when she grows up. She really wants to follow the trail of his father who has just died.

”Okay, time is over. ” Various kinds of exclamation (joy for those who are sure they can do the test well, and disappointment for those who are trapped in difficulties) follows after the Advisor announces that the time to do the exam has over. ”But before we begin the internship, I want to announce something to you. ”

The class turns quiet. Daphne, along with her classmates, is now paying close attention to the Advisor who calls someone. ”Please come in, Sir! ”

Shortly after the calling, a young man stepped into the classroom. His face that is in stark contrast to the appearance of the people of the Ice Continent leads Daphne to immediately guess that this young man is a foreigner. She is even very sure that this young man is Lismesa people, she just has no idea about which country this Lismesan young man comes from – Saturn, Callisto, or Ganymede…

Hmmm, maybe Saturn? Ive once met one of Saturnian people. I heard that Saturnian people can be found everywhere, Daphne starts to wonder and observe the young man more closely while the Advisor introduces him. ”Welcome to our school, Mr. Rivers… and many thanks for… your compliance to… become one of our lecturers. ” The Advisor keeps smiling wide when he speaks out, clearly shows that he is full of joyfulness.

”Thank you very much, Doctor, but you don have to worry, I can speak Plutonian language. ” Noticing that the Advisor is not fluent in Jupiterian language, the young Lismesan lecturer answers him with a smile.

”Ah… I see… ” The Advisor felt embarrassed. He is not very good at the Jupiterian language. Every Plutonian really wants to master the Jupiterian language, but to be able to speak it fluently, especially with foreigners, not everybody can do that incredible thing. Curving a little smile for the second time, the Advisor continued, ”Okay Class… let me introduce, this is Mr. Stairmount Rivers… ”

Ha, that surname! I guess it right, then!

”… comes from Jupiter. Mr. Rivers graduated from Millennium University, which is very well known in the sector of biological science. Such a great honor for our faculty since Mr. Rivers is willing to give lecture in medical and clinical laboratory technical matters. Especially as you have to intensively study about laboratory tests results… ”

”What, this Lismesan lecturer is a Jupiterian? ” Daphne moves her seat a bit forward to observe this Mr. Stairmount Rivers more further. Expecting from his face, Mr. Rivers is too young to be a medical faculty lecturer, since he seems to be in his late twenties. Dressing elegantly, his face expression shows that he is a quiet, even a little rigid man. However, he has a gentle and pleasant handsome face. Not the typical of action actor with a mannish face, yet he has the typical drama film actor sweet, cute face. His indigo-color eyes glowed warmly, makes a great match with his carolina-blue hair. While under ordinary circumstances, communicating with strangers – especially with the Jupiterians – will make the people from small towns like her feel nervous, then a different case appears now since Mr. Rivers has an aura that will lead everyone to feel at ease with him. And besides, the impression we get from him is that we can put our trust in him, that he will be able to be a good guardian – a savior. Mmm, laboratory technical expert from a well-known university in the field of biological science? Wow, can I ask a lot of medical questions to him? Daphne quickly became interested in Mr. Rivers because of her deep passion towards medical science. All kinds of questions started to pop up in her mind, and of course the question of why the Jupiterian has the face of Lismesan and the surname of Saturnian still becomes the main question in her mind. Because she knows, all Jupiterians have Jupitune-race postures, just like the Plutonians have.

”Anyway, Class, youd better not to speak Plutonian with Mr. Rivers, okay. Use Jupiterian language. I wish that I can see some of you study for the master degree at Millennium University. Its really a great happiness for me to see that! ” The Advisor utters, but unlike before, his utterance is followed by a very loud, cheerful Yes! exclamation. And Daphne is one of those who utters cheerfully.

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