Daphne hums cheerfully as she cleans up the experimental tubes. They are now being assigned to take part in the medical laboratory. Joy sparkles inside her heart. When she graduates, she will not only become half-assed bachelor – she will graduate as a real, credible doctor.

”We truly appreciate Jupiter government for the kindness in helping our countrys biomedical researches. The Jupiter government is also very helpful in accelerating the reduction of the Fuxa pathogen transmission rate, ” the Advisor laughs with excitement.

”And we also value the professionalism of your government. The beneficial researchers has straightened the partnerships between Jupiter and Pluto, ” Stairmount chimes in.

The Advisor laughs aloud, his laughter is so loud it can be heard all the way to the back of the laboratory, on the other hand Stairmounts chuckle is covered by the Advisors laughter, hence the sound that Daphne can hear is only the Advisors laughter.

”But I heard that Neptune isn happy with our partnership… ” Stairmount suddenly cuts off the Advisors cheerful laugh with a serious tone.

The Advisor stopped laughing, his expression turns serious. ”…let alone Neptune, even the Sapphire people themselves don like this… ”

”I heard that majority population who inhabit Sapphire is Neptunian ethnic, not indigenous Plutonian, is that true? ”

”It is true. ” The Advisor immediately lowers his voice. ”And one of them, is Daphne Yalle. ” He glances at Daphne who is still busy in cleaning the experimental tubes.

”What?… ” Stairmount raises an eyebrow in surprise. ”But… ”

”After all, Plutonians have the similarity in figures with Neptunians. Since then, we need to be careful in the topic we discuss. Not all Sapphire people like what we are talking about. ”

The Advisor makes a wrong guess. Daphne hears everything, but actually she does not feel antipathy at all. In fact, she is not interested in whatever they are talking about. Daphnes family chooses to be ignorant with every kind of political matters or anything related to it. Especially Daphne. Her thought is not different with every common girl in general – browsing the internet, watching movies, traveling and other similar petty things. The unusual thing she likes is only biology and medical science. And she really doesn care about her blood. Whether she is Neptunian, or Plutonian, it doesn matter to her. Because all she wants is just to become a beautiful woman, liked by everyone, and of course, to be a smart doctor.

The Advisor clears his throat, then goes out of the classroom. Meanwhile, Stairmount moves closer to Daphne.

”Hello, ” Stairmount greets kindly. ”If Im not mistaken, you are Daph… Daph… ”

”Daphne, Sir. ” Turning her head, Daphne greets respectfully.

”Yes, Daphne. Hmm, you come so early. You really like medical science, then. ”

”Yes, Sir. I really like it. ”

”Can you explain about the reason? Because the girls in your age are usually interested in things like fashion or music. ”

”My father is a doctor. I admire him so much. ”

”Really? Wow, your father is so cool. Can you tell me the name of the hospital your father is working at? ”

”Now he has passed away. ”

”Oh… Im sorry to hear that… ”

”Thank you for your sympathy. ” Daphne turns quiet. She is now wiping her hands after she finishes the experimental tubes cleaning. Actually her laboratory class finished, and her task of tidying up the experimental tubes has also been completed so that she may leave the classroom, but it seems that something odd has happened here. And that oddity now holds her back tightly.

She keeps silent, while having her eyes stare at Stairmount for a few seconds.

This gaze, without she realizing it, makes Stairmount blink. That 27-year-old young man suddenly feels uneasy.

”Sir, actually what is your ethnicity? ”

”Eh, of course I am Jupiterian… ”

”But, your face shows that you are Lismesan? And your surname is like the Saturnians? ” Daphnes glare turns sharper. ”Do all Jupiter people have Lismesan faces? But is it different from everything I know? All I know is that, the majority of Jupiters ethnicity is Jupitune? ”

In response to Daphnes curiosity, Stairmount curves a wide smile. He drags a chair, and then sits on it.

”Jupiter is a multicultural country. Jupiter is not inhabited only by the Jupitunians, you can also find many other kinds of ethnicity in Jupiter. You can even say that all races around this planet can definitely be found on Jupiter, because Jupiter is very open to immigrants. ”

”So, you are Jupiterian? ”

”Yes, definitely. Since my identity card and my passport writes my nationality as Jupiter . ”

”Based on ethnicity, what kind of race are you? ”

”I am a Saturnian-Jupiterian. ”

”Born in Jupiter? ”

”Yes. Born and grow there. ”

”Can Plutonians be found in Jupiter? ”

”Sure. ”

”Wow. ” Daphnes sharp gaze wanders in awe. ”Ive never left Pluto. No, I even rarely leave Sapphire. So, if I get a chance to study for masters degree, I want to study at Amethyst University in the capital. I want to see the world from a wider perspective. ”

”And if possible, to Jupiter? ”

”Ah, if I can reach that dream… I will be very happy! ”

”Well, how about you, Daphne? ”

”Eh, me? I am Plutonian, of course… ”

”Not by nationality. But by ethnicity. ”

”Oh, as for ethnicity, I am Neptunian. ”

Looks like Stairmount is going to ask about something, but suddenly he turns silent. It is as if something is holding him back from asking the question. Thus, he keeps silent for a moment.

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