Since the beginning, Daphne has been passionate about studying all subjects in her college, and now her passion turns doubled. The main reason is, she and Stairmount have been very close at this moment. Besides that main common interest – they both like medical science – they still share many other similar interests. They can even share the same interests in topics other than the courses in college. Excitement gives the positive influence on everything. As the result, Daphne achieves very great progress in the internship, and sometimes surpasses her peers.

”Whats your secret so you can be so incredible, Daphne? ” Mrs. Rector asks curiously.

Daphne giggles. ”Because I really like medical science, Professor. ”

”Many people like medical science, but they never get this achievement. Ah, can it be, you inherit this talent from your father… Blood is thicker than water, then… ”

Needless to say, Daphne can tell the real reason or else everyone will get the wrong idea. They will surely accuse Stairmount of helping her go through an illegitimate way, when the reality is truly the opposite. Stairmount never informs any exam questions to Daphne, the reason why Daphne can get this achievement is really based on her own intelligence. However, Stairmount teaches her a lot of knowledge he doesn teach in class – even those which actually shouldn be informed to everyone. And right now, he is training her to learn Jupiterian language. Stairmount always gives Daphne lectures about it whenever they have leisure time. Like now, when Daphne has changed her shift in an internship with other interns, and Stairmount has nothing to do in the laboratory. Usually, they do it at the hospitals library.

”Although you are brilliant in medical science, but if your Jupiterian language is bad, you won be able to study in Jupiter. ” Stairmount tries to encourage Daphne, as he finds that Daphne is only brilliant in medical science, whereas she is really a dum-dum in other fields.

Daphne shakes her head, frustrated. ”Even Jupiterian letters are different from Plutonian ones, it makes me confused… ” She has tried to memorize the same letter, but in the end, she still fails.

Daphne sprawls across the table, her pretty face now dishevels with frustration. Stairmount stares at her in silence.

”Okay, lets stop for a moment. And its really cold in here. Lets go out for a walk. ”

Stairmounts call sounds like a
escue thunder it immediately wakes Daphne. She stands up excitedly in a minute. ”Thank you very much, Sir! ”


”Your choice is indeed really great. That soup is really delicious. ”

The sun slides down to the west as Daphne and Stairmount are taking a walk on the small path beside the large lake near the university. Dominated by the typical winter trees which are dried and have no leaves, the path emits such a unique winter enchantment. The winter wind blows, and occasionally it turns quite strong, but the warm soup they ate just now has added them with more warmth it makes the coldness becomes meaningless to them.

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”Such the tasty soup, Ive never dined it in Jupiter, ” Stairmount praises.

”Really? Is Jupiter cuisine the tastiest cuisine on the whole Planet? ”

”Who says like that? ”

”Isn Jupiter a superpower that no other country can compare to? So, its cuisine must be tastier than all the other cuisine on this Planet? ”

”Haha, thats totally incorrect! People in Jupiter are humans, anyway. And humans, always have flaws that can be exceeded by others. Especially when it comes to food, which can be very subjective. ”

”Really? But, it is what I always watch in Jupiter movies? ”

”Movies are all no more than fake. Don be fooled by movies. You have to see it by yourself, with your own eyes – then you will know about the real fact. ”

”So, Jupiter is not necessarily all the best? ”

”No. Even the beauty of Jupiterian girls is still inferior to the girls from Neptune and Pluto. ”

”Really??? ”

”Im very certain about that. Because I see it with my own eyes. ”

”But you say, you never visit Neptune, then how can you know Neptunian girls face?… ”

Stairmount coughs of a sudden. The color of his face abruptly turns red.

”I don know what Neptunians look like. The movies that I watch are mostly Jupiter movies, after all, ” Daphne crosses her arms casually at the back of her head.

”Like you. ”

Stairmount takes a closer look at Daphne, who is now showing a gaping face.

”Don look at them. Or else, youll think that Jupiterians are all ugly, and you won be interested in Jupiter people anymore, ” He adds.

”But the Jupiterians are smart. I like the Jupiterians in that sector. ” Daphne said casually, her face looking unaware.

Stairmounts heart, which beats so fast before, has become slow down right now. He even feels a hint of disappointment surge in his heart. Yet, he himself does not understand why he should feel disappointed that way.

”Hey, here the scenery is very beautiful. ” Trying to change his focus, Stairmount takes the ultra-cyber minipad out of his bag. ”Stand aside the lake, Daphne. Let me take a photo of you. ”

”Oh, okay Sir. ” Daphne soon runs to the edge of the lake.

”Okay… look at here. One… two… three! ” Stairmount pushes the camera button. ”Great, Daphne. Now, that way. Thats a great view to take photos. Let me take another photo of you. ”

”Sir, you really like photography, don you? ” Daphne smiles as she looks at Stairmounts photos.

”Its my first time to visit Pluto, and Ive just stayed in here for a few weeks. I want to capture the moment when I am here. Before I return to Jupiter. ”

”Sir, will you return to Jupiter in short order? ”

A sudden gust of wind blows hard when Daphne asks that question.

Stairmount replies with a broad smile. ”No, its still some time away. Ive just arrived, anyway, how can I return home so fast? ”

For some outrageous reason, Daphne feels that relief immediately fills her entire chest. ”Ah, Im so glad to hear that! ”

Stairmount keeps smiling. Yes, I am also very happy, Daphne.

Daphne lifts her head cheerfully. But the joy on her face only lasts for a moment, since her face now turns pale.

”Thats… no way… ”

Stairmount also tilts his head to look up at the sky. In the next second, his facial expression changes completely. Joyfulness has completely left his face. His pale expression is filled with fear.

”Military rocket… ”

With a terrible whirring sound, that purplish-white military rocket flies above the sky. A few minutes later, another military rocket also passes by.

”Thats… Neptunes military rocket… ”

In the next second, a thunderous sound booms behind.

”No… ” Stairmount chokes. ”Neptune has attacked Sapphire! ”

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